Short Film Fund | Spring 2023

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Short Film Fund | Spring 2023

Postby ShoreScripts » Mon Jan 16, 2023 10:40 am



The Short Film Fund is for writers and directors who want to see their short film scripts financed and produced.

Shore Scripts has commissioned 17 short films through the Fund that have played at some of the top film festivals around the world including Cannes, Tribeca, and BFI London, and have won major awards including a BAFTA. The writers have gone on to gain representation, sell and option screenplays, and get staffed on TV shows as a direct result of placing in the Fund.

GRAND PRIZE - $15,000 Production Grant
2ND PLACE - $1,000 Cash Prize

Plus, our sponsor ARRI Rental will provide free production equipment rental for the duration of production in any country in which they operate.

Our Top 5 Finalists will receive an exclusive feedback report from one of our award-winning Judges with suggestions on How You Can Further Develop Your Screenplay.

And all of our finalists will have their scripts read and considered by our award-winning Judges, Directors, and a special selection of our Industry Roster.

All the Rules & FAQs:

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Re: Short Film Fund | Spring 2023

Postby ShoreScripts » Thu Feb 23, 2023 4:11 pm


Call For Entries | Short Film Fund Early Deadline | Feb 28th

Get your script on screen with the Short Film Fund. This season we’re green-lighting another short film to advance the careers of our emerging screenwriters and filmmakers. Previous winning screenwriters’ have gone on to have their films screened and been nominated at Tribeca, London Film Festival, Austin, and even won an Oscar!

Our Grand Prize winner will receive a cash award of $15,000 to produce their short. Plus support from Shore Scripts and the opportunity to receive free camera equipment rental from ARRI Rental.

Our 2nd Place Winner will receive a cash award of $1,000.

Both winners will receive script development and industry guidance from twice Oscar-nominated writer & producer Maria Garcia Turgeon (FAUVE).

Our Top 5 Finalists will receive an exclusive feedback report from one of our Judges and exclusive access to our vibrant alumni Facebook Group where you can network and engage with former winners, and finalists, our directors, and our readers.

Top 15 Finalists - Your script will be sent to our Judges & specially chosen members of our Industry Roster, including Managers, Agents, and Producers.

PLUS, every writer who enters receives a Free 20-page booklet on How to Get Your Screenplay Produced.

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Re: Short Film Fund | Spring 2023

Postby ShoreScripts » Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:58 pm


Why Short Films Are Important! | Next Deadline March 31st

We started our Short Film Fund because we know how important it is for writers to have their work produced - both personally and from a career standpoint.

It’s difficult for scripts to get made, which is why we wanted to help make more of them by creating our Short Film Fund.

The nature of shorts is that the film industry doesn’t read short scripts. This is mostly to do with money and the fact that you can’t sell or make money from a short, so it’s of little interest to producers. But the film industry watches short films at festivals or online (Short of the Week, Vimeo Staff Picks, etc.) to find up-and-coming talent. That’s why we have a film fund and not a short script contest.

You can read more about the History of our Short Film Fund - the festivals the films have screened at, and most importantly, the doors it’s opened for our alumni who have gone on to write and direct for Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, Hulu, AMC, and many others.

We are looking to produce another short film with this round of our Short Film Fund.

Ready to submit your short film script to the Short Film Fund? Don’t miss the Regular Deadline, March 31st!
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Re: Short Film Fund | Spring 2023

Postby ShoreScripts » Thu Apr 27, 2023 4:31 pm


Who Is Our Short Film Fund For? | Final Deadline May 2nd.

Our Film Fund is for:
Writers who are looking to have their short screenplays professionally produced into a short film, and create a calling card that they can use to gain representation with managers/agents and garner interest in their other scripts from production companies and producers.
Writer/Directors who want to direct their own work - whether they are first-time directors or established. This can lead to representation and getting staffed on TV shows.

We will finance one short film in our Spring Film Fund, giving away a $15,000 cash production grant to our Grand Prize Winner and $1,000 cash to our 2nd Place Winner.

ARRI Rental will also provide the winning script with FREE camera rental equipment for the duration of the shoot - worth tens of thousands of dollars!

Our Fund is open to writers from all countries! Films can be filmed in any country!
Scripts must be written in English.

We will support the commissioned film from the development phase, all the way through post-production and festival screenings.

If you are a screenwriter not looking to direct, we will help attach the best director and production team to your project. We are also open to working with established teams that might already be in place.

Short films open doors to careers in the film industry. We have arguably the most successful alumni that have come through any short film fund out there! Our winners have gone on to write and direct their own Features and for TV shows on Netflix, Amazon, BBC, AMC, NBC, and others.

Our Final Deadline is fast approaching. Don’t miss out. Enter your short film script.
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