Shore Scripts 2024 Feature Screenplay Contest

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Shore Scripts 2024 Feature Screenplay Contest

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Showdown Productions has come on board to select and sign a Paid Option Agreement with one of Shore’s 2024 Feature Writers, working with the writer to develop their project before taking it out to market. This will be a career-changing experience for an upcoming writer that will enable them to gain experience developing their work with a top production company.

Showdown Productions is a Los Angeles-based Production Company founded by Bo Youngblood and John Ierardi, and repped by UTA. They have produced multiple feature films, including Blumhouse’s TORN HEARTS, FOLLOW ME & SAFER AT HOME. They are looking to work with writers and material that not only has a strong artistic vision but also makes a commentary on social and diverse issues.

Showdown Productions will be presented with a shortlist of the strongest screenplays for them to choose the winner.

To be eligible for consideration for the Guaranteed Option Prize you must select the Add-On Entry Type when submitting your Feature screenplay.


Our Grand Prize Winner will win a call with Laura Rosenthal CSA, the 2x Emmy-Winning Casting Director of CAROL, I’M NOT THERE, and LATE NIGHT and Maribeth Fox CSA, the Artios Award-Winning Casting Director of A QUIET PLACE, and A24’s A DIFFERENT MAN.

Mentors will read and discuss your script with you, imparting expert advice on how to position yourself best to take the next step in your screenwriting career.

The Grand Prize Winner will have the opportunity to participate in one-to-one calls with our Judges, including Alayna Glasthal (Creative Executive at Atomic Monster (M3GAN) and Antony Johnston (Atomic Blonde) to get firsthand advice on how to polish their script and get on a call with our Industry Roster Manager, Alec Ring at CINETIC ( whose clients include the writers of BOOKSMART, MOONLIGHT, and PARASITE)to receive must-have career advice and industry guidance.

The Winners and Top 20 Finalists will have their feature scripts circulated to our Industry Roster of 300+ managers, agents, and production companies which includes The Gotham Group, Radical Media, Bellevue, Verve, Grandview LA, Sugar23, FilmNation, Elation, Wildcard, and many more!

Our Writer Development Manager schedules one-on-one consultations with the Winners and Finalists to create a tailor-made plan for each writer. Forging strong relationships with our writers is essential in not only learning who you are as a writer and what you want from your career, but it allows us to passionately sell you and your work to the most suitable people on our Industry Roster.


This year, Shore Scripts will be awarding placings to five (5) Winners, 20 Top Finalists, Semi-Finalists, and Quarter-Finalists.
Grand Prize Winner $5,000 cash prize
2nd Place Winner $1,000 cash prize
3rd Place Winner $500 cash prize

Additional prizes include free enrollment into a screenwriting course at the renowned UCLA Extension Writer's Program and 6 months of free access to Stage 32's Writer's Room.


At Shore Scripts, we are proud to have helped 100+ writers gain representation, option, sell, and have their screenplays produced. Read the success stories of recent alumni.

In 2016, Mrs&MrThomas were the Grand Prize Winners in our Feature Screenplay Contest with The Assessment, which tells the story of a perfect couple that elects to complete a grueling and humiliating assessment where a stranger scrutinizes their suitability for parenthood, in a near-future, overpopulated Britain.

Following their contest win, the script was optioned by our contest Judge, Oscar-nominated producer Stephen Woolley Their Finest, with producing partners Elizabeth Karlsen Carol and Jo Laurie The Limehouse Golem. It was filmed in 2023 starring Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Olsen.

Having seen their script through to production, we sat down with Nell and Dave to gain their insights into what is actually required of a writer when you develop your script for production, and to get their advice for emerging screenwriters, who want to work in features.


“Shore has shown us that the career we’ve always wanted is possible. It’s a terrific competition that’s well-recognized within the industry. Many thanks again for this opportunity, which is so important for opening doors for new writers." - Mrs&Mr Thomas

Our Feature Contest is for screenwriters looking to gain representation with a manager or agent, sell their screenplay, and get hired on writing assignments.

This year we present a unique opportunity for feature writers to go behind the scenes and start developing their screenplay with the support of Showdown Productions and our award-winning Judges.

Feature film production is a massive engine, made up of many moving parts and engaging the creative talents of a huge number of individuals, but as the well-known phrase goes, “It all starts with the script.”

As a direct result of our Feature Screenplay Contest, past winners and finalists have started careers as full-time working screenwriters, and gone on to write for Blumhouse, Netflix, Paramount, Film4, NBC, Hulu, and many others.

Our 2024 Feature Contest is officially open!

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