Saman~Grey ep1 (please read!)

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Saman~Grey ep1 (please read!)

Postby donteatpants » Tue Jan 06, 2004 7:16 am

SCENE1 (Victor’s house) Victor, Leah, Elias

(Audioslave playing in the background - camera on Victor's electric guitar - camera zooms out to reveal Victor clad in black jeans and a black T shirt with the words BLACK CANVAS across in bold red letters - His eyes are closed and his fingers are drumming - His eyes open suddenly - He rummages around in his dresser with his hand *he is still on the ground* to find the remote - He finds it and turns the power off - excited, he jumps up from the floor and starts searching the room.)

Victor: (muttering) paper... paper...

(He reaches into his pocket - he smiles victoriously)

Victor: Ah...

(He pulls out a pad of paper and a pen - He writes something down on the paper - He picks up his tape recorder from the table at the side of his bed - he turns the tape recorder on and starts recording a new song.)

::about 15 seconds pass::

Leah: Victor! C'mere!

Victor: Mom, I'm recording a song! Can this wait a minute?

Leah: Not really. I have to ask you something. C'mon Vick...

Victor: Alright... hold on...

(Victor rewinds the tape recorder and walks toward his door - Notices a poster on his wall saying London - He tries to make it straight, but the poster falls on the ground - He looks at it with indifference.)

Victor: (mutters) Yeh, well...

(Victor grabs his songbook and walks out of the room, butt as he's walking he hits his head on the door frame - He rubs the spot of impact.)

Victor: Damn door...

(Camera changes to the living room - Victor walks down the stairs still rubbing his head.)

Victor: Hello Mother. (He says mother with a weird accent)

Leah: Victor, don't be dumb.

(Victor shrugs, walks over to the couch and plops himself down.)

Leah: I have a surprise for you...

(Victor looks up at his Mom and raises his eyebrows.)

Leah: Actually, it's more of a question than a surprise. You will be surprised, however.

(Leah places her hands in her back pockets and paces a bit - She looks down, then up, and then at Victor)

Leah: Okay, what would you think about Elias coming to stay with us for a while?

(Victor shakes his head in confusion - He gets up off the couch.)

Victor: Why would we want to do that, Mom? He moved to Phoenix to get away from this place!

(Victor starts to walk away)

Leah: Victor! I know he did, but from what I know he's changed his mind since then. Maybe he came to his senses, I don't know... I'm still upset by what he said about where we live, but I'm not about to abandon him.

(Victor stops and turns to face his Mom.)

Victor: What about his parents, Mom?

(Leah bites her nails - She starts pacing again.)

Leah: Umm...

(Leah scratches her head)

Leah: I think they kicked him out.

(Victor sighs - He looks at the ground.)

Victor: Jesus Christ, what did he do now?

(Victor looks up at Leah in a half sympathetic, half annoyed look.)

Leah: He wouldn't say, but he'll be here any minute.

(Victor gapes at Leah.)

Victor: Are you absolutely positive that you're ready for this? Can you handle him Mom? I mean, it's Elias Winter for God's sake...

(Knock on the door.)

(Leah walks toward the door.)

Leah: I don't know, but I guess we'll find out...

(Leah opens the door - Elias is standing there in blue jeans and a plain white shirt - He smiles at Leah, and then at Victor.)

Elias: Hey, guys. Thanks for letting me...

(Victor interrupts Elias.)

Victor: Mom, I'll be back later.

(Music in hand, he walks past Elias, bumping his shoulder as he walks past.)

(Elias looks back at Victor)

End of Scene 1

SCENE 2 (Keri's house) Keri, Catherine

(Camera shows the vacant interior of an old room - Camera zooms in to reveal a picture of a teenaged girl, the only distinctive feature of the room - Camera zooms in on the door and remains still for a second - Catherine, Keri's mother's voice is heard from the outside.)

Catherine: Stop it Keri. Give me a chance to talk to you! Keri, please!

Keri: Where were you last night? I never even knew that you left!

Catherine: It's no big deal. I was with Morgan.

Keri: Never mind, I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Catherine: Keri...

(The door opens - Keri enters - Catherine enters - Keri looks at her watch.)

Keri: Oh look! It's almost noon! Why don't you go have a drink?

Catherine: What did you just say?

Keri: Oh, I'm sorry, did I slur?

Catherine: (screaming) I am your mother! You can respect me or you can leave! Your 17! Grow up!

(Keri looks surprised - Her eyes are open wide.)

Keri: Catherine! You're 32! You grow up!

Catherine: You will call me mother!

Keri: I will call you mother when your maternal prestige begins to peek through. So far I haven't been faced with that hurdle.

Catherine: Don't do this Keri. Now is not the time.

(Keri's eyes fill with tears.)

Keri: You took me away from my friends, my school, my father... Brynn and I haven't spoken in 3 months because I took your side over his. After all that has happened, I thought you might have come to your senses. But of course not. Despite my best efforts, you have gone back to your old habits. Why would you do this to me? I thought you loved me.

(Catherine's mouth is wide open.)

Catherine: Oh Keri, come off it! What are you talking about?

Keri: Five nights out of this past week, and three of those five nights you don't even know who brought you home. You screwed everything up. I am the juvenile, remember? You need to learn your place as my mother if that's what you want me refer to you as. I seriously cannot be the parent in this relationship anymore. I just can't, so could you possibly lay off the melodrama and pretend you're an adult?

(Catherine purses her lips)

Catherine: My god, Karen! Last week, I lost my whole life. Including my house, my job, my husband, and my daughter, and...

(Keri interrupts Catherine.)

Keri: Yeah, and if you aren't careful, you'll lose your other one too.

(Catherine turns around - Anger builds inside her - She hits the doorframe hard.)

Catherine: Would you please just give me a little time to deal with all of this?

Keri: (with sarcasm) You're right, Catherine, I'll try and forget about everything that has happened until you're ready to deal with it.

Catherine: Keri... It's...

(Keri interrupts Catherine)

Keri: No! Please don't try to justify anything you've done. Either apologize, or leave me alone...

(Catherine stares at Keri.)

Keri: I'm serious...

(Catherine stares at the ground - She sighs - She leaves the room.)

Keri: Of course...

End of Scene 2

SCENE 3 (Park) Victor, Elias

(An empty swing is shown in the daylight.)

::Day passes to midday::

(Victor is shown in the swing - Elias enters from behind Victor - He sits down on the swing next to Victor.)

Elias: Hey Saman, what's goin' on?

Victor: Not much, Elias. It's just Revo... You know, home of the trailer.

Elias: C'mon Saman, I thought we were past this. I didn't mean what I said about this place. I missed it here. We can't fight anymore. You're one of the only friends I got left.

Victor: Yeah, whatever... Why did you come back? Didn't you like your new home better? I mean, this is no Phoenix.

Elias: Saman, stop it, please? You know it was hell for me. Leave it there for now. I'm not in the mood for a depression relapse right now. Whatever, I'll just leave you alone I guess...

(Elias gets up off of the swing - He starts to leave - Victor sighs - Victor gets up too)

Victor: Elias...

(Elias turns around - He looks Victor in the eyes.)

Elias: Saman...?

(Victor walks over to Elias.)

Victor: I'm glad you're home... I'm confused, and a bit pissed off. But still, this is your home.

(Elias smiles.)

Elias: I know... thanks Saman...

End of Scene 3

SCENE 4 (Victor's house) Leah, Brad

(Camera zoomed in on a picture of Victor as an infant - Camera zooms out to show Leah cleaning the table - Leah is humming the Friends theme song "I'll Be There For You" - There is a knock on the door - Leah sighs.)

Leah: Hrm... I'm coming!

(She stops cleaning and puts her rag down - The doorbell rings.)

Leah: Hold on! (Mutters) dammit, my house is a mess...

(Leah opens the door - Her mouth drops open.)

Leah: No... Not now. Please not now...

Brad Grey: Leah...

(Leah tries to shut the door - Brad blocks her way.)

Leah: Don't say my name!

(Leah points outside with her arm outstretched.)

Leah: Get out!

Brad: Le...

(Leah interrupts Brad.)

Leah: No! Leave! I swear I'll call the cops.

Brad: I need to talk...

Leah: That's not my problem...

(Leah pushed him outside.)

Brad: Leah, don't do this to me, please... I need to talk to you. Is Victor here?

(Leah's mouth drops - She comes outside and closes the door behind her - She points her finger at Brad merely centimeters from his face.)

Leah: You will not speak his name, you hear me? You left us 17 years ago, remember? 17 years ago! It's your own fault you missed out. I need you to go.

Brad: Leah, I'm moving back to Revo.

(Leah covers her mouth and backs up in shock.)

Leah: Why?!

(Leah shakes her head in disbelief.)

Leah: Why would you do this now, Brad? He's fine as he is.

Brad: I want to do this, because I love him no matter what you may think. He's my son Leah. I never wanted to leave him in the first place, Leah. You know that.

(Brad looks up, obviously holding back tears.)

Brad: My father made me leave him with you. I don't know how much time I have left to fix what he has done to us. I'm sorry, but I want to know my son!

(Leah comes closer - She sighs, and looks at the ground.)

Leah: Brad, he doesn't know about you. He doesn't know who his father is.

(Brad opens his eyes wide.)

Brad: What?! How could he not know who I am? (With sarcasm) Did you not explain to him that it takes a woman AND a man to make a baby? Didn't the topic of his FATHER ever come up once?

(Leah looks at Brad.)

Leah: He knows that I am his mother. He doesn't care who his father is. He has me. Why is all of this going on right now? He's gonna be a senior in high school! Can't we deal with all of this shit after graduation?

(Brad sighs and looks at Leah.)

Brad: Leah, I don't want to fight. I wasn't asking you permission. I will see my son. Don't be upset with me, please. I'll explain things to you sometime when we've calmed down.

(Brad takes a napkin from his pocket - He writes down his phone number, and hands it to Leah.)

Brad: Goodbye, Leah...

(Brad turns away and walks off.)

(Leah is left on her porch staring at the ground - She lifts her hands to cover her face and shakes her head - She collects herself and walks in the house.)

End of Scene 4

SCENE 5 (Old warehouse) Art, Victor

(Camera is zoomed in to Art Foster's shirt BLACK CANVAS - Camera zooms out to show Art playing his guitar - Art screws up - He drops his pick.)

Art: (to himself) Foster, you're a clumsy bastard, aren't you...
(Art smirks a bit - He picks up the pick and practices a bit more.)

::About 20 seconds pass::

(Door opens - Victor walks in - Art stops playing.)

Art: Saman...

Victor: Arthur, what's up?

Art: Eh... you know...

(Victor chuckles a bit)

Victor: Yeah... So I wrote a song.

(Victor sets down music - He Sits down and starts setting up.)

Art: Awesome... How many is that now?

Victor: 243...

Art: Wow, I remember when it was like 8...

(Short silence)

Art: So, I heard Elias is back...

Victor: Yeah...

(Victor shakes his head and sighs.)

Art: He's such a screw up. You really want him living with you guys, Vick?

Victor: I don't know... The guy basically calls us all poor white trash, leaves town, doesn't call or anything, but now that him and his mommy are in a little tiff he expects us to give him a great big welcome back hug... He confuses the hell outta me. That's all I can say...

Art: Heh, I know what you mean... I just hope he doesn't screw things up with you guys next.

Victor: Yeah, if he tries anything stupid while he's here, he's gone.

Art: Somehow I get the feeling that things are getting more complicated than they already were... If that's possible. I thought Senior year was gonna be a breeze...

Victor: Heh... Yeah, me too. Aw, let's just play, alright? Enough of this dramatic crap.

(Victor chuckles.)

Art: Alright, let's play Mute...

Victor: That's a good lad.

(They both laugh a bit.)

Victor: 3... 2... 1...

(Camera fades out.)

End of Scene 5

SCENE 6 (Victor/Keri’s backyard) Victor, Keri, Catherine

::Day passes to night::

(Victor is lying on his back in the grass - he is looking at the starts - Audioslave is playing in his discman - Camera moves to show Keri's back porch - Zooms in on the back door.)

(Catherine and Keri walk outside - they are arguing about Keri's pants being too low.)

(Catherine points to an imaginary spot in the grass - she is drunk.)

Catherine: Get outta here, you little slut! You're going to hell you know that?! God knows! He HATES you Karen!

(Keri looks down - she is embarrassed by her mother.)

Keri: Stop Mom, please...

Catherine: (laughing) Keri! You're a little slut! You know that?! You always were and you always will be.

Keri: Mom, please stop... I'm not a slut... I'm friggin prude compared to some girls... (under her breath) and you...

(Catherine didn't hear the last comment - Catherine spins around and lifts her arms in the air.)

Catherine: So what?! You want a ribbon, Keri? Well, I have no ribbon for a slut...

(Keri sighs.)

Keri: Mom, just go to bed... Please?

(Catherine's eyes open wide - she points her finger toward her own chest.)

Catherine: I am the parent. You do not tell me when to go to bed.

Keri: Mom, I'm not telling you to... I just think it would be a good idea.

Catherine: Who are you, God? God doesn't think I should go to bed.

Keri: (sarcastically) What, does he talk to you now?

(Catherine slaps Keri across the face.)

Keri: MOM! You're drunk! Stop it!

(Catherine laughs.)

Catherine: Jeez Kerr... Can't you take a joke?

(Keri's mouth drops open - she stares at Catherine.)

Catherine: What crawled up your ass Keri?

Keri: Mom don't do this tonight...

Catherine: Whatever... Why don't you go live with your father? He already has one tramp. With you there he'd have a regular whore house.

(Catherine laughs at her own joke - Keri's lip is quivering - she stares at the ground.)

Catherine: You look really ugly when you cry, Keri.

Keri: I'm not crying, Catherine.

(Catherine slaps her again.)

Catherine: Stay out here tonight.

(Catherine walks inside - she slams the door - she turns round and locks it - Keri is left there on the verge of tears - She walks toward the pond and sits at a nearby bench - Camera changes to Victor still on the grass - the music stops on account of the batteries dying - Victor takes off his headphones - he can hear someone sobbing in the background - he stands up and looks over to Keri - he looks confused and walks toward her.)

Victor: Hello? Are you okay?

(Keri wipes her eyes and turns around.)

Keri: Me?

(Victor walks to the bench.)

Victor: You're the only one here, right? Unless I'm hallucinating...

(They both smile at each other - Victor sits down next to her - He holds out his hand.)

Victor: So...

(Keri forces a smile.)

Keri: I'm fine.

(Keri looks to the pond - its obvious that she is trying to avoid eye contact.)

Victor: So why don't I believe you?

Keri: Oh, don't worry... I'm just a bad liar...

(Keri sighs.)

Keri: Well, since you asked I guess I could vent on you...

(Keri sighs and frowns a bit.)

Keri: It's just my mom. She's had one too many Jell-O shots tonight, and she's acting slightly insane. She called me a bunch of names and threw me out here to stay tonight.

(Keri forces another smile.)

Keri: Heh... That's my mom. (Short silence)

Keri: Wow, I probably just freaked you out. I won't take it personally if you just walked away right now.

Victor: No, you didn't freak me out. You'd be suprised at all the crap that goes on around here.

Keri: I just hope you don't think I go around begging for suggested sympathy, because I'm really a very private person. I only do this when I'm in a bad mood. You just happened to be the person closest to me. We were pretty loud. Or at least she was. I kind of wanted to keep quiet. I bet we made a great impression on the new neighbors. I thought you were in the grass the whole time. Didn't you hear us?

(Victor holds up his headphones.)

Victor: I couldn't hear much of anything.

Keri: Oh, I see...

(Victor smiles at her)

Victor: So you're my new neighbor...

Keri: And backyard companion.

(They chuckle a bit.)

Victor: Are you going to Ross?

Keri: Yeah.

Victor: Senior?

Keri: Yeah.

Victor: Awesome.

Keri: I dunno... I didn't think I'd ever have to do the whole new kid thing. Especially this being my senior year and all...

Victor: Yeh, that does suck.

(Victor looks at Keri and smirks - she laughs a bit.)

Victor: So, no offense or anything, but why did you move here?

Keri: You're pretty nosy, you know that?

Victor: Oh, sorry. I do that sometimes.

(Keri smiles.)

Keri: You know, I'm kidding, right?

(She laughs a bit - Then forces a straight face.)

Keri: Well, my parents got divorced last year, much to the surprise of their two daughters. I saw my dad do some things that were, in my eyes, inexcusable, and my sister, Brynn, saw my mom do some similar things. So we took opposite sides, and after a while, things got out of hand, so we stopped talking. Eventually, about 2 weeks ago my mom packed up our stuff, and the three of us were going to leave, but Brynn told my mom she wanted to stay with my dad. Now it's just me and my mom.

Victor: Damn... Was she like this before?

ÌÌKeri: Who? My mom? Yeah, a long time ago she was an alcoholic, but she went to rehab and everything. I was sure she was done with all of this stuff, but I guess I didn't really know her. Which makes me question whether or not I made the right decision.

Victor: Well, you know, if your mom gets like this again, you can come over here... The back's always open.

(Keri smiles at Victor.)

Keri: Thanks.

Victor: In fact, our guest house is vacant at the moment. You could stay here tonight...

Keri: Heh... I might do that.

(Keri thinks for a minute - she smirks and looks at Victor with curiosity.)

Keri: You know, you may be the nicest person I've met in this town, and I don't even know your name...

(Victor smiles and blushes a bit - he holds out his hand - They shake hands.)

Victor: Victor Saman. I usually just go by Saman, or Vick, but I guess anything's fine.

Keri: Well, it's very nice to meet you Saman. I'm Karen Seethe. Call me Keri.

Victor: Keri... Kinda nice...

Keri: I'm glad you approve.

(They both laugh.)

(Victor smiles - He looks to the stars, then to the guesthouse, then to Keri - he stands up.)

Victor: C'mon. I'll show you to your room.

(Victor motions for Keri to come.)

(Keri smiles - she looks into his eyes.)

Keri: You know, I would normally say no, so don't get the idea that I'm comfortable going into a complete stranger's guesthouse, but there's something different about you.

(Keri looks puzzled - she stands up - Cajun, the dog, greets them excitedly.)

Victor: Cajun... Don't worry, you can come...

(The three of them go inside the guesthouse.)

End of Scene 6

SCENE 7 (Brad Grey's house) Brad, Rose

(Brad Grey is sitting in a very large chair. - he is smoking a cigarette - he glances down at a picture of Victor on the table next to him - his fingers begin to shake uncontrollably -he grabs a bottle of pills from his pocket and downs some pills *without measurement*- he punches the wall - he buries his face in his hands and takes a few deep breaths - the phone rings and he picks it up.)

Brad: This is Brad…

Rose Grey: Well, hello! How’s my little boy doing?

Brad: Mom! Hey, I’m alright I guess. Well, at least I’m standing, heh…

Rose: Well, how’s Revo?

Brad: Oh, everything’s pretty much the same. It’s still nice. I do miss Ahwatukee, but there’s something about this place that just gives me a really good feeling. You know?

Rose: I know what you’re talking about. I miss that little town more and more every day…

Brad: There’s plenty of room.

Rose: Yeah, but your father wouldn’t hear of it. I mean, God, it’s hell trying to keep you living there a secret.
Brad: Don’t worry, Mom, I get it. You know, we’re gonna have to tell him soon. I don’t want him to get surprised and blow a fuse or anything.

Rose: Small steps, Brad. We’ll just go one step at a time. Speaking of small steps, have you spoken with Leah?

Brad: Yeah, I went over there. I think she might have some things to think about, though I did shake her up a whole lot. She refuses to talk to me about it, though.

Rose: Well, I hope you get to talk to her soon. You know, I don’t think she really knows about everything that went on that night. You have to tell her about everything. She has to know that it was not your fault, Brad! Remind her why you left. (voice becomes shaky) This was not your doing. Your father did all this. Though I love him, I hate what he has done to the family.

Brad: I know, Mom…

Rose: He just doesn’t get it, does he? His pride gets in the way of everything. He’s got to have one foot in the way of every door, you know? (short pause) Not you, Brad. You cannot let him continue. I’m not about to watch you lose your son. He’s not just your son, either. He’s MY grandson who I haven’t seen but once in my life. All we have are these small pictures. Please don’t lose him, Brad…

Brad: I won’t Mom. I just wish it were easier. I can’t stand it either, but in the end, it’s all her decision. God, I bet you anything I’m going insane over this. I want to know him so badly, or at least to have him in my life. In OUR lives.

Rose: Wait, Brad, shh… I just heard the garage door open. Your father’s coming in. He can’t hear any of this.

Brad: I know… Is he in a good mood?

Rose: No, I just heard the door slam… Hold on, I’ll get the cordless.

(There is a short silence - Brad stares at the picture of Victor until he hears Rose on the line again.)

Rose: Hello?

Brad: Hi.

Rose: Okay, hold on. Let me hang it up.

(The phone clicks.)

Rose: (far off voice) Roy, go lay down. Dinner’s almost ready. It’s still in the oven, but it’ll be done soon. (voice returns) Sorry… he’s been in a lot of pain ever since the surgery. I want to get him better soon, otherwise we can’t go up North this Summer. I’ll call Dr. Vancers tomorrow. Well, I’d better get on my roast.

Brad: Okay, I’ll let you go then.

Rose: I’ll probably call you tomorrow. Buh bye Brad.

Brad: S’long…

(They both hang up - Brad shrugs - then he reclines in his lounge chair - he laughs nervously.)

End of Scene 7

SCENE 8 (Victor’s house) Leah, Elias

(Leah is frantically preparing a pre-mixed health shake in the kitchen - some of the shake spills onto the floor.)

Leah: Shit… Of all the days…

(Leah grabs a paper towel and cleans up the mess - Elias enters the room wearing his backpack - his shirt is covered in mud - Leah looks up at Elias - her mouth drops.)

Leah: Oh, Elias…

(Leah looks him up and down with a confused/concerned look on her face.)

Leah: Where’d you go?

Elias: On that trail down by Darewood and Fretwell. Don’t worry… I brought my own bike.

Leah: Oh, okay… you know, I can wash that for you if you want…

(Elias looks down at his shirt.)

Elias: Wow, I didn’t realize it was that bad… Sure you don’t mind?

Leah: No, I’ve got a bunch of Victor’s stuff to do anyway.

(Elias takes the mud-stained shirt off and hands it to Leah.)

Elias: Speaking of Vick, have you seen him lately?
Leah: Not in a while. I think he was outside last time I checked.

Elias: Okay, well, I’m gonna stay in his room tonight if that’s alright. I need to talk to him about some things. I have a lot of explaining and apologizing to do.

Leah: Elias, what happened in Phoenix?

Elias: I really want to tell you, honestly, but I can’t. Well, I could, but I’d feel more comfortable talking it over with Vick first.

Leah: I understand. I just want you to know that if you need me…

Elias: Don’t worry Miss Saman.

Leah: You know, you can call me Leah now. We’re both adults.

Elias: Alright, Leah. Whoa I never realized what a nice name you had.

(Elias looks at Leah for a minute - They stare, smile, and break the stare in sync with one another.)

Elias: Oh! I almost forgot…

(Elias rummages around inside his pockets - He pulls out a check.)

Elias: Here’s my rent.

Leah: Elias! You don’t have to pay me rent. Especially not this much!

Elias: I know, but I’d like to contribute as much as I can. You deserve more than you get. Anything I can do to pitch in makes me feel more at home. Please take it, Leah.

Leah: Thank you so much. You don’t know how badly we needed this.

(Leah gives Elias a hug - Elias closes his eyes - Leah closes her eyes - The hug lasts longer than usual, but neither one of them consider it abnormal.)

Elias: Thank you, Leah… (they look at one another for a few seconds.) I think I’m gonna get to bed now.

(Leah nods her head slightly and smiles.)

Leah: Goodnight, Elias.

Elias: Good night…
(Elias walks up the stairs to Victor’s room and closes the door.)

End of Scene 8

SCENE 9 (Guesthouse) Keri, Victor

(Victor is sitting up on the bed next to Keri. He is singing to her a song called “Not Alone” from one of his songbooks.)

(Victor finishes - his face immediately turns red - he looks down.)

Victor: Yeah…

(Keri’s mouth is open slightly.)

Keri: Whoa… That was awesome…

Victor: Eh, I can’t play guitar, so I’m aware of how much it sucks.

Keri: Far from it, Saman… You should be in a band.

Victor: Oh, I didn’t tell you?

Keri: What, are you in a band?

(Keri’s eyes light up, and a smile stretches across her profile.)

Victor: Yup.

Keri: Really? Wow… I’m guessing you sing.

Victor: I sing, but I can’t play a single instrument.

Keri: It doesn’t even matter though, cause your songs are so good. (slight pause) And its not only the melody. It’s the lyrics too. I wonder what it would sound like WITH music. What’s your band’s name?

Victor: Black Canvas.

Keri: Sounds a bit like Black Sabbath, but it’s a good name. You think I could hear you guys play sometime?

Victor: Sure, I could ask. We always like an audience.

Keri: You’ve got a good voice, you know that?
Victor: Nah, it could be a LOT better.

Keri: You’re humble… I like that.

Victor: Or maybe I’m just telling the truth.

Keri: (Sarcastically) Maybe.

(They both laugh a bit.)

Keri: At least you have a gift.

Victor: What do you mean? Everyone has a gift.

Keri: Not everyone…

Victor: You don’t?

Keri: Well, I write a bunch, but it’s mostly crap.

Victor: You’re humble… I like that.

(They both smile.)

Keri: No, I have reinforcement. My mother says its crap too.

Victor: Maybe so, but I’m not liking your mom too much anyway, so her opinion doesn’t mean all that much to me. Why don’t you let me find out whether or not it’s talent-worthy.

Keri: Oh, no. I don’t let ANYONE see that stuff. It would be weird.

Victor: C’mon, Keri, I showed you mine…

(Keri tries to hold a smile back, but it ends up being more brilliant than its initial intention.)

Victor: Will you at least think about it?

Keri: Possibly… It all depends on how much of an ass you turn out to be.

(Victor smirks.)

Victor: Alright… Sounds good.

Keri: But if it sucks you have to tell me. I mean, I don’t want to go around praising my graceful method of artistic expression for the rest of my life only to find out that the words I was writing was just a bunch of meaningless jibber jabber that nobody cared about anyways, all because of that one boy, oh… what was his name? Salmon? Vicky? No, it was… Victor Saman. Now THAT would suck.

Victor: Well, if your writing ability is in any correlation to your apparent brilliance, or your overall heir of perfection personality, you will have successfully amazed, nay floored me.

Keri: The floor, eh?

(Victor smirks again.)

Keri: Well sure, after I jump off that cliff, okay?

Victor: Which cliff is that?

Keri: Exactly.

Victor: Heh… Did anyone ever tell you you’re really confusing?

Keri: Hmm… I don’t recall…

(They both laugh a bit.)

Keri: You know Saman, I think I just might grow to like you.

(Victor chuckles.)

Victor: Oh, really? Why’s that?

Keri: You make me feel good… Nobody’s ever been able to do that before…

Victor: Glad I could help.

Keri: Me too…

(They look at each other and smile.)

End of Scene 9

SCENE 10 (Victor’s house) Leah, Brad, Joyce, Victor

(Leah is in the middle of the living room - she has just finished all of her cleaning duties - she picks up the piece of paper with Brad’s number on it - she sighs, lies on the couch, picks up the phone, and dials the number - the phone rings three times - a woman with a *very sex-hotline sounding* Mexican accent answers the phone on the other end.)

Woman: Hello?

Leah: Oh, I’m sorry. I must have the wrong number.

Woman: No, you go ahead. Who are you looking for, ma’am?

Leah: I’m looking for a Brad Grey.

Woman: I am Joyce.

Leah: Well, I didn’t think you were him. Heh… If you were I’d be slightly taken aback to say the least. I’ll just get the number from him again sometime. You know men and their bad handwriting. It WAS on a napkin. I mean, how legible can you be on one of these flimsy things? You think they’d make them better seeing as how they’re supposed to clean up after a mess. Most of the time they just end up contributing to the plethora of germs on the table. Look, there’s even a rip right down the side of it. It’s one of those cheap napkins that you’d find at McDonald’s or something. Maybe that’s where he got it, you know? I smelled his breath, and it did kind of remind me of that weird bacon grease stink that those guys…

Joyce (woman): Ma’am could you stop talking please? I am Joyce, Mr. Grey’s maid. I will go get him for you now. Just tell me your name.

Leah: Oh, tell him it’s Leah.

Joyce: Alright… Hold on… (far off) God, I hate stupid people…

:: About 10 seconds pass::

(Leah starts signing “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi - she sneezes in the middle of the chorus - this stops the singing.)

Brad: Bless you…

(Leah jumps from the surprise.)

Leah: How long were you there?

Brad: Long enough… Bon Jovi? STILL?

Leah: What, you don’t like them anymore?

Brad: I never said that. I just thought you’d be completely different, you know?

Leah: Yeah, don’t worry. I’ve pretty much been boring my whole life.

(they both laugh a bit.)

Leah: Anyway, I just called to tell you that I thought about it, and I think that you should talk to Victor. It WOULD be healthy for him to know his father, but you cannot let him know who you are just yet. Wait a couple of months before you spill that kind of stuff in his tea.

Brad: Really? Wow… How do we go about this whole thing, though, without letting him know who I am? Oh, very nice metaphor before.

Leah: Heh… thanks. I don’t know exactly, but I think we can do it if we put our heads together.

Brad: How’s he doing in school?

Leah: He’s doing pretty good. Mostly Bs and Cs. Why?

Brad: Damn…

Leah: And that’s bad, why?

Brad: No, that’s not bad, I just thought that if he was doing poorly in school, I might be able to tutor him or something. I don’t know what to do. I’ll think about it.

Leah: Oh, before I forget. Who was that woman who answered the phone before?

Brad: Oh, that’s just Joyce.

Leah: Oh, I didn’t know you were married.

Brad: Me and Joyce?! Hahaha! No, she’s my maid.

Leah: YOU have a MAID? Wow… What do you do now?

Brad: I’m a Psychiatrist.

Leah: Oh my god! I cannot believe I didn’t see it in you when we were growing up. I bet you’re good.

Brad: Eh, I’m alright. I chose the wrong thing though. I don’t fit in with these kind of people, you know? I mean, I have to act like I like people all the time., and as you know, I despise most. That doesn’t stop me from solving all their problems… Well, trying to anyways.

Leah: What happened to the music thing?

Brad: The “music thing” as you so call it was pushed aside. Over and over and over again, I put everything else above my dream.

Leah: Well, you know, your talent wasn’t wasted.

Brad: What do you mean?

Leah: Victor. He’s in a band, Brad.

Brad: Really? What does he do?

Leah: He’s the spawn of Brad Grey! What do you think he does? He sings, of course! Oh, and he writes the songs.

Brad: Yeah, I bet he got the writing Gene from you. You were always writing something.

Leah: But Brad Grey? A psychiatrist? That’s so amazing! You’ve sure come a long way.

Brad: Eh, I don’t know. I think you’ve come a lot further than I have over the years. I mean you’ve raised a kid. From what I can tell he’s a damn good one too.

Leah: You know, Brad, I always had it in my head that you were the lucky one. You had the nice house with the nice cars, and when you left I thought about how better off you would be. But here you are, looking to fill that void in your life. I think back, and I realize that it wasn’t you. It was Roy. He’s always hated my family.

Brad: Well, he doesn’t even know that I’m here, so you really have nothing to worry…

(Someone picks up the phone - the distinct sound of someone dialing a number is blatantly obvious.)

Victor: (far off voice) oh I didn’t check. (normal voice) Hello? (far off voice) Keri, someone’s on the phone…

(The phone clicks - Victor has hung up.)

Brad: Was that him?

Leah: Yeah, that’s m’boy…

Brad: Wow… He sounds like a singer, too… (short pause) So, what changed your mind about me?

Leah: Um… Well, I just remembered the sincerity that always shone in your expressions… I remember how happy you were when I found out we were pregnant. I thought you’d flip out, but you were excited. I also remember the look on your face when you pulled out of my driveway and out of my life. The tears in your eyes always could tell me. I thought you would be gone forever…

Brad: Well, thank you Leah. Seriously…

Leah: I know, why don’t you counsel Victor?

Brad: Really? Do you think it could work?

Leah: It’d sure as hell be worth a try. You said you wanted to know about him.

Brad: I’ll do it, then. Why don’t you stop by my office next Saturday around 11?

Leah: (Yawns) God, I’m tired… Hold on let me write that down…

Brad: The address is on the card.

Leah: You never gave me a card. If you had, I would’ve known about your new profession.

Brad: Oh, well I’ll give you the address… You ready?

Leah: Yeah, hold on… (Leah sneezes) O… (she sneezes again) Jeez… must be allergy season. I’m sorry… Go ahead.

Brad: It’s: 0256

Leah: 0256…

Brad: South Branton Drive.

Leah: South Brandon drive…

Brad: No, not Brandon, it’s Branton

Leah: Oh! I know where that is… Isn’t that right off of Diggle?

Brad: Yeah… Okay, well I’d better let you go now. I just heard a crash. Joyce broke something…
(far off voice) yeah, the broom’s right here… Hold on one sec, Joyce. I’ll be right in there. Sorry, Leah. I gotta go. We should do this again sometime. I do miss talking to you once in a while.

Leah: Me too… Well, I guess I’ll see you Saturday then.

Leah & Brad: (simultaneously) Bye.

(They both laugh.)

Brad: Still?! Hehehe. I guess some things will never change. Alright, See ya.

Leah: Bye Brad…

(They both hang up.)

End of Scene 10

SCENE 11 (Guesthouse) Victor, Keri, Catherine, Hayden, Vince, Leah, Elias

:: About 5:00 AM ::

(Victor is sleeping on the couch on the side opposite to the side that Keri is sleeping on - The door swings open - Catherine is standing outside - Catherine’s eyes widen - Her hands go over her mouth - She walks inside.)

Catherine: Karen! I should have known! (She sticks her head outside) Hey! I found her! She’s with that damn Saman boy!

(A man enters - Keri wakes up - Victor is still asleep.)

Man: Keri! What in the hell were you thinking? Who is this boy? God dammit, Catherine, I never should have left her with you.

(Keri is slightly perplexed for a moment - She realizes what has happened.)

Keri: Dad? Oh no! This is really not what it looks like.

(Keri taps Victor without looking away from her parents.)

Keri: (paranoid voice) Victor… Wake up…

(Victor remains asleep - Keri punches Victor.)

Victor: What the…?

(Victor looks at the man standing near Keri - He forces a smile.)

Victor: Ah… You must be her father… Hayden, right?

(Hayden glares at Victor with a furious stare.)

Catherine: How on earth did you get away from me?!

(Keri stands up - She dares her mother with a stare.)

Keri: You told me to sleep outside!

(Catherine looks to the side - She puts her hands on her hips.)

Catherine: Whatever Keri… We both know that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Keri: Mom, will you calm down? Don’t make this into something.

(Catherine’s eyes widen even more *if possible*)

Catherine: Well, I’d hate to see what this “something” is according to your standards. So if he knocked you up would that pass as “something”? Maybe I’ll wait 6 months to punish you. At least then I can tell if you’re showing.

Hayden [& Keri]: Catherine! [Mom!]

Hayden: Well, at least I know where your daughter picked up her faults.

Keri: Dad, is Brynn here?

Hayden: I really don’t think that that has anything to do with the topic at hand, now does is Karen? Why in the hell would you do such a thing? God, if your mother and I ever did something like…

(Catherine interrupts him.)

Catherine: We simply wouldn’t. Well… I wouldn’t. I don’t know about your donor here.

Keri: Oh really… Mom, you were 15 when you had me.

Catherine: Which makes it PERFECTLY okay for you to do the same thing. After you have your first kid, you’ll regret this, just you watch.
Keri: Gee thanks, Mom.

Victor: Uh, if I could chime in here, I’d just like to mention that Keri and I here didn’t really do anything last night, and there’s a policeman standing behind you, Hayden.

(Hayden turns around - He nods to the policeman.)

Hayden: Come in, Vince.

(Vince looks at Victor and then to Keri - He points to her.)

Vince: Are you Karen Seethe?

Keri: Yes …

(Vince looks back at Victor.)

Vince: And, who’re you, young man?

Victor: Victor Saman, sir.

(Victor holds his hand out, but Vince simply looks at it - He turns around and motions for Victor to follow him - Victor looks confused.)

Vince: Mr. Saman… Would you come with me? I need to ask you some questions regarding the kidnapping of Karen, here.

(Victor looks at Keri - Then he glares at Catherine. Keri takes a step forward - she shakes her head.)

Keri: No, sir, please… He didn’t do anything wrong.

Victor: You don’t understand, officer.

Vince: Oh, I think you underestimate me a bit too much. I will either take you or your mother in for questioning. I have informed your mother of the incident, as well as of the details that I have absorbed thus far. She seems to know nothing, but has agreed to let me take you in for questioning. You seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject considering t how vocal you are. But you know, I don’t understand, now do I?

Victor: I’m very sorry, sir, and I mean no disrespect to you, but you only know what she (looks at Catherine) has told you, and based on that, you really don’t know the situation.

Vince: Then you should be thrilled! Here’s your chance to let some of your articulation shine through. Oh, it’ll be just brilliant, I can tell already. Enlighten me, if you will…

(Victor nods his head - Keri walks toward him - Catherine holds her back with an angry expression on her face.)

Keri: Victor, I’m so sorry…

Victor: Eh, don’t worry about it, Kerr. It’s not your fault.

(Catherine looks at Vince.)

Catherine: Would you take him in now, and away from my daughter? I really have no desire to deal with a Saman right now.

(Victor turns around and walks toward Catherine - Vince puts his hand in front of him to stop him.)

Victor: I really don’t think you are in any position to speak to me like that right now. They SHOULD be taking you in… For a bit more than a simple questionnaire.

Catherine: Will you shut your mouth? How dare you talk to me like that! You just better watch yourself, Saman. Wow, I never thought I’d have to deal with another one…

(Leah steps in front of the doorway on the outside - Her arms are crossed - She is glaring at Catherine.)

Leah: C’mon Vick. You need to go now. You shouldn’t pay attention to her. I don’t think that woman knows what she’s talking about, and I doubt it’ll wear off any time soon… Alcohol tends to do that.

(Catherine looks down.)

(Victor looks at his mother.)

Victor: Mom, I really didn’t do anything. Please believe that.

Leah: I know, Vick. Be careful there. You go on ahead with Officer Vince. I’ll wait here.

Victor: Okay… bye.

(Leah gives Victor a hug, and kisses him on the head - Victor walks with the officer - Leah watches from behind.)

(As Victor is walking, Elias approaches him.)

Elias: Hey, what’s goin’ on here, Saman?

Victor: I’ll tell you later. I gotta go.
Elias: Where were you last night? You never came back?

Victor: Elias, seriously, I need to go.

(Vince is holding the door open for him - He is staring at them with his arms crossed.)

Elias: But I need to talk to you…

(Victor physically moves Elias aside and walks past.)

Victor: Goodbye, Elias. Later…

(Victor gets in the police car - Elias watches and walks toward the house. Camera moves to show Leah still fixated on the spot where the car was located - Hayden and Keri walk past Catherine and Leah - Catherine starts to pass Leah as well - Leah looks into Catherine’s eyes - Catherine does not notice.)

Leah: Catherine…

(Catherine stops, sighs, and walks over to Leah.)

Leah: (quiet voice) The next time you raise a word against our name you had better hope to God that you’re carrying an extra tampon, because I am going kick your ass so hard that your ovulation won’t be the only thing you’ll have to clean up.

(Catherine looks down and nods.)

Leah: Welcome to Revo, Caitie. I hope you’ll understand when I don’t throw you a housewarming party., because, quite frankly, I don’t think anything aside from maybe hellfire could melt the ice in your house. Of course, you’re always welcome to come over to my house. I never lock the doggy-door. It’s mostly used by our dog, Cajun, but he always likes company.

(Catherine takes two steps back still with her eyes locked on Catherine - She smiles sarcastically then turns and walks to the house.)

End of Scene 11

SCENE 12 (Police Station) Victor, Vince

:: About 7:30 AM ::

(Victor is sitting in a chair at a wooden table across from Vince who is sitting down at the table - Vince shakes Victor’s hand - He situates himself comfortably.)

Vince: I need to ask you these questions only because I have a hunch that there is more to the story than what I have been told. I apologize if I came off rude before, but I had to make an impression on Ms. Seethe. I need to know everything that you know, Victor.

Victor: Alright, Officer… I’m sorry, what was your name again? I guess I wasn’t paying attention earlier.

Vince: I’m Vince.

Victor: Oh, VINCE! For some reason I was trying to decide between Edgar and Steve. Hahaha, not even close. Another V. That’s cool…

Vince: Hehehe… Edgar? Oh, boy. Now I’ve heard ‘em all. Though one time someone called me Sherman

Victor: How strange…

Vince: Yeah, I tell ya’, that guy made my day interesting… To say the least. Hehehe…

Victor: That sounds like something that would happen to me… Well, anyways, is this information kept confidential?

Vince: Well, up to a point. If I feel that there is any severe illegal activity going on, I have to investigate.

Victor: Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s a long story, so get comfortable.

Vince: Alright…

(Vince adjusts himself in his chair.)

Victor: You ready there?

Vince: All set.

Victor: Okay, first of all, I should tell you that I just met her last night on accident. The interesting thing about it is…

:: About 20 minutes pass ::

Victor: …so we sat up for a little while. I sang to her a whole bunch. She seemed to like it too, which was odd. At the same time though, it was comforting. (short pause) Hey, Vince?

Vince: I’m listening…

Victor: No, it’s not that. Can I run to the bathroom real quick?

Vince: Yeah, sure. The bathroom’s out that door right there, you see it?

(Vince is pointing to the door.)

Victor: The one with the toothpaste poster on it?

Vince: Hehehe… Yup. That’s the one. Okay, here it gets a bit confusing. You go through that door, down a little hallway, and take your first right.

Victor: Okay…

Vince: Then you go down THAT hallway until just after you pass the Coffee room. There should be a sign, but I don’t remember. Anyways, that’s where it is.

Victor: Yeah, I think I got it.

Vince: (with sarcastic enthusiasm) you can do it Victor!

(Victor laughs a bit - He walks out of the room.)

:: About 5 minutes pass ::

(Victor walks back in the room - He smiles.)

Victor: I made it back…

Vince: That you did. How was the ol’ piss ‘n’ shit?

(Victor chuckles a bit - He sits down across from Vince again.)

Victor: Very festive… I don’t know why, but there’re three baskets of multicolored leaves and stuff.

Vince: Oh, yeah… That’ll be Bill’s doing. He’s a good guy. Okay, now finish your story.

Victor: Where was I?

Vince: You stayed up for a while and talked. Oh, and you sang to her and she liked it.

Victor: Ah… Yes. So we stayed up for a bit longer and she told me all about her sister and how they…

:: About another 10 minutes pass::

Victor: …so then I guess she called you, and found us in the guesthouse.

Vince: Now, you said that she was drunk last night, and has been getting drunk consistently over the last week. Do you know if she has ever abused alcohol before she moved here?

Victor: Well I know she had a problem a LONG time ago, but she went through the 12-step program. According to Keri, she’s been fine until just recently.

Vince: Hmm… I don’t know what to do. I’ll have my eye on that house from now on. I’ll probably call you from time to time to check up, but other than that, it’s all up to her. (short pause) Well, Victor, you’re all done here. Thank you very much for talking to me. You’re free.

(They both stand up - Vince walks over to Victor.)

Vince: If something else happens, you will call me, right?

(Victor nods with some hesitation.)

Vince: I want you to make sure to call me. Even if it’s like two o’ clock in the morning I want you to call. I might be half asleep when I talk to you, but at least I will know. Don’t let this uniform trick you. I’m not your typical policeman. For some cops, rules set their lives, but for me, life sets up my rules. I like to look well into situations before taking any drastic measures. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pushover, but I’m not gonna be a hard-ass either. Here…

(Vince writes down his work number, his cell phone number, and his home phone number - He gives the piece of paper to Victor.)

Victor: Thanks Vince.

Vince: Now don’t be a stranger, alright?

(Victor smirks.)

Victor: Do I have a choice?

Vince: Good point.

(They chuckle a bit.)

Vince: So long, Mr. Saman…

SCENE 13 (Keri’s house) Catherine, Hayden, Keri

:: Time passes to about 8:15::

(Catherine and Hayden are in the house - Catherine is sitting at the table reading a magazine - Hayden is sitting on the couch thinking hard.)

Hayden: Cathy do you want me to take her?

Catherine: First of all, definitely not, and second, my name is Catherine.

Hayden: Well, then what the hell is going on here? Can’t you handle her?

Catherine: I can handle her just fine. Why don’t you go home?

Hayden: I’ll go when I’m ready to go, alright?

(Catherine puts her magazine down - She stands up and walks a few steps toward Hayden.)

Catherine: What about Brynn? Has she eaten all day?

Hayden: Brynn will be fine. I’ll be home later, but she needs to spend time with her uncle.

(Catherine looks shocked.)

Catherine: You left her with Tim?

Hayden: Yes, is that a problem? Tim gets along with her well.

(Catherine rolls her eyes.)

Hayden: What was that for?

Catherine: What?

Hayden: You just rolled your eyes.

Catherine: Look, I know Brynn gets along with her uncle, and that’s fine, but why couldn’t she have come with you.

Hayden: I don’t think that it would do any good for our first meeting since the split to be about something negative. I don’t want to give them the idea that that’s how we will always be, or they won’t want to come see either one of us after they move out.

(Catherine steps toward Hayden - She stubs her toe on the chair while she’s walking.)

Catherine: Well… oh shit! Ow… when will we be allowed to see her, Hayden?

Hayden: Why do you care, anyway?

Catherine: She’s my daughter too, Hayden! I love her, and I miss her!

Hayden: Don’t think you can fool me, Catherine. You care about one person, and one person only., yourself.

(Catherine’s lip starts quivering.)

Catherine: How could you say that? I love both of my daughters, Hayden. And what about you? I still care for you…

Hayden: You don’t care about me, OR your daughters.! If you did they wouldn’t be going through such a tough time right now, and Brynn would still see her sister everyday!

Catherine: So its all MY fault then?

(Hayden throws a pencil down [from his pocket])

Hayden: Yes! This is your fault.

(Catherine is crying hard)

Catherine: No, Hayden! YOU did this! You split this family apart! Don’t you remember what you called me?

(Hayden gets in her face.)

Hayden: What, STUPID? You are, Catherine! You think you can go to college? Now?! You missed your chance.

(The back door opens and Keri comes in - Her parents don’t see her standing in the kitchen - She is watching them.)

Hayden: Even if you DID go back, you wouldn’t make it. You have to realize that you just can’t do it. Remember how bad you were in High School?

(Catherine steps forward inching them both.)

Catherine: You’re an ass! You JERK! I was a hell of a lot smarter than you were. I never failed a class!
Hayden: Are you calling me stupid?

Catherine: Yes, I am.

(Hayden hits Catherine with his palm across the face - Her nose is bleeding.)

Hayden: You will not call ME stupid! Wench…

Keri: Oh my God! Who in the hell do you think you are?

(Catherine is still staring up at Hayden is shock.)

Hayden: Leave us, Karen!

Keri: No, I will not, Hayden!

Hayden: I am your father.

Keri: I cannot believe what you just…

Hayden: Keri, it’s not what you think. I didn’t hit her, she…

Keri: I was standing right there.

Hayden: Catherine! Tell her that I didn’t hit you!

(Catherine looks at Keri.)

Catherine: He did it Kerr…

Keri: Why don’t you just leave? Haven’t you ruined our lives enough?

(Hayden looks furious - He points at Keri.)

Hayden: I am here because of you, you little brat! Did you think it would be fun to sleep with a boy you just met? And a Saman at that!

Keri: Mom told me to sleep outside, and Victor offered me the guesthouse. We only talked. We accidentally fell asleep! He was only trying to help!

Hayden: How could you do this Catherine?

Keri: It’s not her fault, Hayden!

Hayden: Call me Dad!

Keri: Then stop being a jackass! It wasn’t her fault!

Catherine: Keri, don’t make excuses for me…

Hayden: You were drunk again, weren’t you…

(Catherine starts crying - Hayden is ready to hit Catherine again.)

Keri: Don’t you DARE hit her. I swear to God, I’ll hit you if you do.

Hayden: Keri, don’t be so naive. You couldn’t hurt me!

(Keri reaches into her back pocket and flips open her pocket knife.)

Hayden: Keri, that’s a weapon!

Keri: No shit.

Hayden: Watch your mouth!

Keri: Watch your back!

Hayden: I could take you out so fast…

Keri: You wanna try? I’m game. (short pause) You do not touch her again. Alright?

Hayden: Keri, this is stupid.


Hayden: Yes!

Keri: Good, now leave us!

(Hayden opens the door still facing Keri.)

Hayden: You’re all friggin’ nuts!

Keri: So long…

(Hayden walks out the door.)
Hayden: Keri, I’m calling you later.

Keri: Don’t bother.

(Keri slams the door shut.)

(Catherine is in a ball crying on the floor - She is shaking - Keri walks over to her mother.)

Keri: Don’t worry, Mom, we can handle him… I really didn’t mean to start all of this stuff.

(Catherine looks up at Keri.)

Catherine: Oh, Keri, it was my fault. Its my stupid alcohol. Don’t let me do it anymore, Keri. You have to stop me next time. Deal?

Keri: Okay.

(Keri forms tears in her eyes - She curls up beside her mother - They comfort eachother.)

Catherine: Oh, Keri… Thank you so much.

Keri: Why do these things always have to happen to us, Mom?

Catherine: I wish I knew, Keri. I really do…

End of Scene 13

SCENE 14 (Victor’s house) Leah, Elias

:: Around 8:30 PM ::

Note: Victor has gone to find Keri and is planning on staying at Art’s house, so he will not be home.

(Leah is in her room - She just finished her shower - She is singing “Lithium” by Nirvana - She drops her towel - She walks toward her closet to find something to wear - The main door is open.)

Leah: (to herself) Oh, where are my jeans? Dammit, I bet I forgot to get them out of the wash.

(Leah shrugs - she resumes singing. Elias is coming around the corner - He is in his towel.)

Elias: Leah, did you hear…

(Elias turns into the room)
Elias: Oh jeez! Sorry… sorry…

(Elias walked in on Leah completely naked - He shades his eyes. Leah puts her towel back on.)

Leah: Elias! Oh, I thought you went with Victor! I’m so sorry… I would’ve closed the door had I known…

(Elias chuckles a bit.)

Elias: Was that like initiation or something? (laughs a little) I guess I’m part of the family now…

(Elias sits down on a cushioned bench in her room.)

Leah: Did you just shower too?

(Elias’ face turns red - He looks down and realizes they are both in towels.)

Elias: Oh, I heard people screaming, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t you…

Leah: Hehehe, I didn’t even hear a thing, but then I was singing. I’m fine though.

Elias: Heh… It sounded like it came from that new girl’s house next door.

(Leah sits down right next to Elias.)

Leah: Don’t remind me of them… Catherine, the girls mother, and I knew each other in High School, and we’ve hated one another ever since. I cannot believe that they JUST moved here, and they’ve already caused a big scene…

(Leah smiles nervously.)

Leah: You know, we’re both sitting out here in TOWELS having a conversation. I just realized how weird this is. Maybe you should go…

Elias: Leah, I don’t want to leave… I’ll stay with you for a while in case something happens.

Leah: I’ll be fine, Elias…

(They both examine eachother with their eyes carefully - Leah allows her leg to inch closer to his - There is a mutual comfort between them - Elias touches her arm gently - She doesn’t move.)

Elias: (whispering) I just don’t want to worry about you…

(They lock eyes - Leah sighs - They both smile.)

Leah: (whispering) Elias… I’m fine…

(Every time they speak they move closer and closer to one another - Elias lifts a finger to his lips slowly.)

Elias: (whispering) Shhh… I’m going to stay here, alright?

Leah: (whispering) Maybe… for a minute…

Elias: (whispering) Okay… A minute sounds good…

End of Scene 14

SCENE 15 (Brad’s house) Brad, Joyce

(Brad is on the porch looking at the picture of Victor as a baby - The back door opens and Joyce comes outside.)

Brad: Are you done now, Joyce?

(Joyce picks up a piece of paper from the floor - She looks at Brad.)

Joyce: Well, for today at least. I know that come tomorrow you’ll have a whole new batch of crap for me to clean up.

(Joyce laughs.)

Brad: Yeah, probably.

Joyce: Don’t get me wrong, I do love this job. It’s probably the best break I’ve ever gotten.

Brad: And I thank you for doing your job every day.

(Brad sets the picture down - Joyce straightens it out - Brad looks up at her and smiles.)

Brad: Now this is living.

Joyce: With all the work I do around this place, it had better be.

Brad: You know, with that beautiful accent of yours, you could always become a telemarketer.

Joyce: Oh, that’d be the day… You could do it too.

Brad: Yeah, but I couldn’t see you every day…

Joyce: Puttin’ on that charm again Mr. Grey? You do that very well…

Brad: Why, thank you.

(Joyce drops her feather duster - She picks it up.)

Joyce: Oh! How did the talk with Leah go? You know, she’s not the brightest crayon in the box. She thought we were married.

(They both laugh.)

Brad: Let me just say that this family of two, might become a foursome. (chuckles) Someday…

Joyce: That’s fantastic. Well, I’d better get goin’. I don’t want my cat to forget who I am.

Brad: Alright Joyce, I’ll see you tomorrow then.

(Joyce smiles.)

Joyce: Good Bye Mr. Grey.

End of Scene 15

SCENE 16 (Keri’s front yard) Keri, Victor

(Victor walks up Keri’s walking path towards the front door - Keri taps him on the shoulder from behind.)

Keri: Hey, Saman!

(Victor Turns around - He smiles.)

Victor: Hey, Kerr! So did anything exciting happen while I was out? Whoa, I almost just said “While I Was Sleeping.” Did you see that movie?

Keri: Heh… I think I have it actually. It’s not “While I Was Sleeping”, its “While You Were Sleeping”

Victor: Ah…

(Keri chuckles.)

Keri: Wait, what were we talking about?

(They start walking to Art’s house together.)

Victor: I asked you what happened while I was gone.

Keri: Oh, okay. Everything happened. Lots of stress, but I don’t want to go into detail. I’m okay, anyway. How did the questionnaire turn out?

Victor: Well, I stayed out of prison. It went pretty good I guess…

Keri: You know, things are REALLY screwed up lately.

Victor: Eh, it’s just another day here in Revo. Welcome to my world…

(They both smile - They walk off.)

End of Scene 16

SCENE 17 (Victor’s house)

(Camera close-up of Leah and Elias - They are still close to one another - They are now breathing more heavily.)

Leah: (soft whisper) Elias, what’s happening?

Elias: (whispering) I don’t know, but whatever it is, it fits.

Leah: (soft whisper) Should we be doing this? Is it the right thing to do?

Elias: It sure feels right to me

(Leah smiles.)

Leah: Aren’t we crossing some sort of line, here?

Elias: We’ll move it.

Leah: If we’re found out, we’re dead.

Elias: And here, all this time I thought we were more alive than ever.

(They smile together.)

Elias: Leah, I think you’ll be the end of me.

Leah: Well, at least you’ll go out with a bang.

(They kiss slowly - The kiss becomes passionate…)

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