My screenplay The Messiah, The synopsis.

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My screenplay The Messiah, The synopsis.

Postby lemans7 » Thu Mar 11, 2004 10:45 pm

I need a co-writer to finished this screenplay. I´d already finished the first 35 pages.An Arquealogies. Jonathan Williams is in Masada in an excavation. He found the Ark of the Covenant, and a relic showing Jesus and the 2 thieves nailed to vertical torture stakes. The Ark is supposed to have powers. So he is transported to the past, to Jesus times in the 1st century, in his final week of life before his death. There he met Jesus, and Satan's son Amenophis. Who is trying to put obstacles to Jesus mission on earth. There he met Ruth a beautiful girl that later on, is possesed by Amenophis. After Jesus death, Esther, Ruth's mother is possessed by a demon. The only way to cast the demon out off her is by killing Amenophis at Masada. IF SOMEONE IS INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT ME. EMAIL.
I´m Writing a new screenplay Called. The Messiah. I need a co-writer. I had finished the first 35 pages. My first language is spanish so my english is not too good.
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