W H I T E   A N G E L

     1   TITLES - The sound of a woman walking on a deserted street

     2   EXT NIGHT STREET - FADE UP - We see a woman's feet wearing red stiletto
         shoes. It is late at night and she is very alone.

         She turns a bend and enters a darkened street, her heels making a
         distinctive click on the path.

         Suddenly we see a figure in the darkness - the womans pauses for a beat
         before continuing. She approaches the figure who is dressed in a heavy
         motorbike jacket... The figure turns round - it is a girl with bleached
         blonde hair, wearing a low cut, tight white T Shirt. The white seems to
         glow a little.

         Without warning, the WOMAN produces a hammer from her bag and raises it
         above BLONDE...



     3   EXT NIGHT PARK - The young BLONDE lies motionless on the floor, most of
         her clothes ripped from her still body. The sound of digging can be
         heard, then of a knife being unsheathed.

         Her body is dragged out of shot...


     4   EXT DAY PARK - A dog is digging at the ground.

         It's MISTRESS calls out for the dog.

         Suddenly, the dog bounds over a ridge, his tail wagging furiously,
         doggy has fetched the bone - a human foot and half a calf is wedged
         firmly in it's jaw. It runs to it's MISTRESS...


     5   EXT DAY PARK - An area has been sectioned off with red tape. Several
         men in dark clothing are digging carefully at the ground. Already
         several small flags indicate finds, small body bags can be seen to
         contain various appendages.

         A man steps into shot, wrinkled brow and piercing eyes. He lights a
         cigarette as he looks over to his men digging - this is INSPECTOR


     5   CONTINUED:

         The image freezes and spins off into the corner of the screen...

     6   INT DAY NEWS ROOM - The news is being read...

                     As yet POLICE have not ruled out the
                     possibility that this mutilated body
                     could be connected with the murder of
                     NICKI LOWE, whose body was found on
                     Hapthron Common last month. (-) Last
                     night, novelist ELLEN CARTER was awarded
                     the International Writers Guild Award
                     for her Book, 'The Colour of fear'...

         We see shots from the ceremony, and ELLEN CARTER holding her book and
         trophy up for photographers - she smiles radiantly...

                     She was said to be ecstatic about the

     7   INT NIGHT CAR - We are in a car with ELLEN CARTER. She is returning
         from the award ceremony and she is anything but ecstatic. She is
         bubbling with anger.

         Slouched in the seat next to her is her husband, drunken and VERY smug.

     8   EXT NIGHT 66 ACACIA AVENUE - The car pulls up behind the house and
         toward the garage.

         The HUSBAND staggers out of the car to the garage door...The doors
         slowly open.

         CARTER watches him as he is picked out in the headlights - directly in
         front of her - She no longer has fear - just hatred...

         Her foot slowly depresses the accelerator, her hands grip the wheel -
         the exhaust screams out....

         The husband looks up at the car - the lights get brighter...


     9   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - A white paint roller rolls up the screen - We
         move wider to see CARTER painting a wall - she looks rough. She steps
         back to look at the wall she has painted.

     9   CONTINUED:

         Suddenly she hears a noise - a whisper?

         She moves closer to the wall - listening intently - there it is again -
         a distant whisper calling her name...

         Suddenly two arms explode from the wall grabbing her...

    10   INT DAY LIVING ROOM (4 YEARS LATER) - ELLEN CARTER wakes with a start
         as a jet flies overhead -

         She is dressed in a business suit and looks like she has been to war
         for the last few years... She looks directly at the wall in front of

         She draws hard on her cigarette as she stands and moves over to the
         window looking out over the street.

         The billboard now reads - WHITE ANGEL TAKES THIRTEENTH VICTIM - POLICE
         AT A LOSS...

    11   EXT DAY CAR PARK OUTSIDE SUPERSTORE - We are in a car looking out. A
         YOUNG WOMAN (MANDY) exits the shop - she is pretty with long blonde
         hair - she is dressed almost predominantly in white.

         She goes to her car which is parked in a secluded corner of the car
         park. She starts to put her groceries in the boot.

         A hand reaches into the glove compartment of the car we are in and a
         woman with long red fingernails takes out a pair of scissors. A book
         sits in the compartment - well thumbed - it is the COLOR OF FEAR by
         ELLEN CARTER.

    12   EXT DAY CAR - The WOMAN steps from her car - Slowly she walks over to
         the other woman.

         MANDY has finished packing her groceries and gets in her car. She
         starts her ignition - but the car splutters.

         The woman is getting closer...

         MANDY attempts again - but the car splutters reluctantly. She hits the
         steering wheel in frustration.

         The WOMAN walks around the side of the car - her fingers caressing the
         cold steel of it's body.


    12   CONTINUED:

         MANDY tries a last time...

         The WOMAN opens the door and sits in. MANDY looks round, shocked and
         surprised - she is about to object when the WOMAN raises her hand with
         the scissors ready for action...

    13   INT DAY WAREHOUSE - A woman's screaming face fills the screen... She is
         wearing VERY provocative clothes and red lipstick. She screams again as
         she sees the dark figure of a man wearing a hockey mask and holding the
         biggest gleaming knife in hand, approach her.

         There is a sudden flash of white light as we see the nearby
         photographer (LANCE)

    14   INT DAY CARTERS OFFICE (CRIME SCENE) - The photo of the screaming woman
         is on the desk, the logo CRIME SCENE emblazoned across it...ELLEN
         CARTER looks at it as she picks up the ringing phone...

                     Hello CRIME SCENE - yes, that's me...

         LANCE the camera man brushes past, rubbing intimately with CARTER - she
         shrugs him off angrily, she isn't going to take any shit from him!

         LANCE laughs to himself before moving over to SALLY's desk, a young
         secretary. He sits on it before giving CARTER a knowing look and turns
         his attentions to SALLY - CARTER's eyes roll back in her head.

                     No - I'm sorry I haven't made my
                     payments - Friday - Fine - OK?

         CARTER watches LANCE as he pesters SALLY - She has a thought. She picks
         up her Polaroid camera and focuses on the two - she presses the button
         and the photo comes out. She looks at it smiling as it develops.

                     No - I wont use the card... Fine...
                     Thank you - goodbye...

         She replaces the phone and stands - she walks over to ANDY'S desk, a
         young office worker. She passes him the photo...

                     Could you do me a colour photocopy of
                     this now?


    14   CONTINUED:

         ANDY looks at it and smiles...

         CARTER heads for DEZEREA's OFFICE, editor of CRIME SCENE and owner of

    15   INT DAY DEZERAE'S OFFICE - There is a tap on the door and CARTER
         enters. DEZERAE'S office is in stark contrast with the explosion of
         paperwork outside. It's posh, clean and VERY organised.

         The walls have framed covers from the the magazines she owns, CRIME
         an odd mixture of exclusive designerisms and seedy exploitation.

         DEZERAE sits behind her desk. She is a woman in her fifties, but she
         looks like she has spent most of those fifty years in a sand storm! She
         has jet black hair, nicotine fingers and lashings of christian dior
         make-up. She's wearing jewellery and clothes more befitting an Indian

         She looks up from her photos at CARTER, her bifocal glasses perched on
         her nose - she may be a relic, but she's as sharp as razors and hard as

         She holds up two photos of a semi nude girl -

                     Which do you think is her best shot...

                     The one on the left - definitely...

                     Don't give me shit - what do you want?

         CARTER walks further into the room.

                     I've got a tenant coming over later -
                     can I take the afternoon off?

                     As long as you get the HACKSAW piece
                     done by FRIDAY...(Pressing) FRIDAY?

         CARTER nods. DEZERAE points at the paper in CARTERs hand. CARTER passes
         it over and DEZERAE studies it...


    15   CONTINUED:

                     Good - but change 'I killed for love' to
                     'I killed for sex'

         CARTER begins to object,

                     That's not technically accurate -
                     SIMPSONS murders weren't sexually

                     You know that circulation is down for
                     three months in a row.

                     I heard something like that

                     Then it's going to be 'I killed for
                     sex'... Listen darling, why won't you
                     let us use your real name for the
                     features - if people knew that it was
                     the ELLEN CARTER writing the features
                     and not just some pseudonym - then we
                     might shift more units. You haven't
                     written anything in four years darling -
                     I know you need this job - and if
                     circulation keeps dropping, there's not
                     going to be a magazine for you to write

         CARTER is about to object when DEZERAE cuts in again - this woman
         really knows how to run her ship.

                     I don't want to hear it...Now get out -
                     I've got deadlines

         CARTER smiles at DEZERAE's abrupt manner - stands and prepares to
         leave... DEZERAE is back at work - choosing between the two photos.

                     (Smiling) I wouldn't choose either...

         CARTER leaves.

    16   INT DAY OFFICES - CARTER walks from DEZERAE's office - and over to
         SALLY'S desk. LANCE is STILL trying. ANDY the office worker appears and
         passes her the photocopy and photograph...

                     I thought it might look better enlarged!

         CARTER takes it and smiles - it sure does. We see the bright picture of
         LANCE ogling over SALLY, his hand firmly lodged on her inner thigh -
         and from SALLY'S expression, she doesn't like it.

         CARTER passes the sheet to SALLY with her filofax.

                     Could you fax this to this number as
                     quickly as possible.

         SALLY takes the sheet, and smiles when she looks at it. She turns round
         and inserts it into the fax machine, dialling a number from CARTERS
         filofax. SALLY turns round confidently looking at LANCE.

         CARTER holds out the polaroid photo...

                     It's the photo I have just faxed to your

         LANCE snatches it...


         He looks round, the photo clearly coming out of the fax machine. There
         is a calling from the other side of the office as another WORKER shouts

                     LANCE - Your wife is on line 3!

         CARTER drops her cigarette in LANCES mug -

                     Send her my love...

    17   EXT DAY 66 ACACIA AVENUE - CARTER screeches into her drive in her car,
         glances at her watch and jumps out. She hurriedly runs to the door -

                     (Under breath) Please be in and have
                     tidied the house...


    17   CONTINUED:

         She rings the doorbell but no-one answers. She begins rummaging in her
         handbag and retrieves her keys. She opens the door as a girl on a bike
         comes tearing round the corner and into the drive. It is MIK - young
         and athletic with long flowing red hair - she works as a despatch
         rider. She screaches to a halt and leaps from her mountain bike.

                     I thought you said you could get the
                     afternoon off to tidy the house!

         Hurriedly they enter - CARTER shutting the door behind...MIK walks into
         the KITCHEN calling out...

                     I'm sorry, I couldn't - when is she due?

                     (Tidying hallway) At 2.00...

         MIK looks at her watch and GRIMACES - suddenly the doorbell rings and
         both girls look round...

                     (Whispering) You didn't tell me her

         They walk to then door...


         The door swings open to reveal a small, business like man, average and
         well dressed with piercing eyes. He turns and extends his arm...

                     STECKLER...LESLIE STECKLER.

    18   INT DAY BEDROOM - STECKLER is looking round at an empty room. It seems
         good for him. MIK and CARTER stand in the background. CARTER is
         obviously uneasy about something.

         STECKLER turns round, smiling...

                     I like it...

         CARTER steps forward,


    18   CONTINUED:

                     You see MR STECKLER, er, I think that we
                     may have wasted your time. (Laughs
                     awkwardly) I don't know why I didn't say
                     something earlier - It's just that we're
                     looking for a girl...The advert was for
                     a girl.

         STECKLER seems shocked - he pulls a paper from under his arm and opens
         it...A large red circle rings a small ad

                     Well - the ad just said third
                     person...(Awkwardly) It must have been a
                     printing error.

         He shows CARTER the ad, which does indeed say 'Third Person...' CARTER
         looks at MIK who returns a don't look at my face.

                     It doesn't mention 'females only'

                     I really don't know what to say

         STECKLER seems depressed, but still maintains a polite attitude.

                     I'm really very sorry - I was banking on
                     this coming through, because it's only
                     five minutes from my surgery...

                     Surgery? Are you a doctor?

                     No - a dentist

         A professional, CARTER smiles - she is beginning to warm to this man.
         STECKLER roots in his pockets pulling out some letters and his
         wallet...A fly whizzes around his head, annoying him. He looks a little

                     I have all my references ready - and I
                     can pay the first month and deposit now.
                     It really is a glowing reference!


    18   CONTINUED (2):

         STECKLER extends his arm with the letters of reference. CARTER takes
         them and looks at the first as STECKLER opens his wallet and removes
         some notes. A huge wad remains - this guy is loaded.

         CARTER nods approvingly at the reference as STECKLER holds out the

         CARTER looks round to MIK -

                     MR STECKLER - would you excuse us for
                     one moment?

         STECKLER nods his head to oblige

    19   INT DAY KITCHEN - CARTER and MIK stand in the kitchen ,quietly
         discussing. CARTER can see STECKLER in the LIVING ROOM through a crack
         in the door. He is innocently looking out of the back garden window,
         smiling approvingly.

                     Well, what do you think?

                     I don't know - it's your house ELLEN

                     Yes - but you live here too - If it were
                     your house?

                     I think he's fine - I don't know why you
                     have this thing about men - it would be
                     nice to have a guy in the house for a
                     change - I don't think he would hurt a

    20   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - STECKLER slams a rolled up newspaper on the
         window. He removes it to reveal a squashed fly.

    21   INT DAY KITCHEN - CARTER is deliberating.

                     It's your pad - it's up to you


    21   CONTINUED:

         CARTER is looking through the door again - at the FAT wad of money
         sitting on the window sill. CUT TO -

    22   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - CARTER takes the wad of notes.

                     When do you want to move in?

         STECKLER smiles in gratitude as CARTER shakes his hand. Everyone smiles
         as the ice is broken and everyone finally knows where they stand.

                     Oh as soon as possible - tomorrow?

         CARTER and MIK look at each other, surprised.

    23   EXT DAY 66 ACACIA AVENUE - The boot to STECKLER'S car opens up to
         reveal boxes, cases and clothes...

         MIK is already clambering out of the backseat with a box and she takes
         it to the house...

                     Just put it in my room

                     (Smiling) No worries

         MIK turns and carries the load in.

                     Oh, before I forget, here is key and the
                     tenancy agreement...

         STECKLER takes the paper and the key - he looks at the key for a moment
         before pocketing it. STECKLER passes her a small case

                     I'll finish off here...

         CARTER disappears into the house. STECKLER heaves an unnaturally heavy
         case from the boot of his car. It is small and crumpled, splitting at
         the seams as if it were too filled. A belt clasps it shut.

    24   INT DAY STAIRS - STECKLER struggles up the stairs - MIK appears and
         moves to help him...


    24   CONTINUED:

                     I can manage -

         MIK smiles and continues to help, STECKLER brushes her off curtly,

                     I said I can manage... I'm not weak you

         He passes her and continues up. He stops at the top and turns round,

                     I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout...

                     Don't worry about it -

         She bounds into the kitchen...

    25   INT DAY KITCHEN - CARTER fills the kettle with water - an old bashed
         affair, the kind you put on the stove to heat.

                     Oh - Tell me ELLEN, I can call you


                     Tell me - ELLEN CARTER (thinks) Forgive
                     me for being so pushy, but aren't you a
                     novelist? Didn't you write that terrific
                     book - 'The Color of Fear'?

         CARTER is obviously a little embarrassed, and doesn't want to talk
         about it. MIK is completely dumbfounded - The kettle begins to boil...

                     You're a novelist - why didn't you tell

                     And not just any novelist - a great
                     novelist - it was an impressive piece of
                     work ELLEN...


    25   CONTINUED:

         CARTER is getting increasingly uncomfortable...The kettle is beginning
         to bubble and steam...

                     Why didn't you write any more?

         The kettle is getting hotter - CARTER more uncomfortable...

                     I lost the touch

                     The touch?

         The kettle screams out that it's ready... CARTER looks at STECKLER for
         a moment - STECKLER waiting for a response. CARTER turns and takes the
         kettle from the stove grumpily - she obviously doesn't want to answer.

                     (Mouthing) Her husband left her

                     (Mouthing) Oh...

                     Do you take sugar?

                     (Pause) Yes, two please. I'm sorry, I
                     didn't mean to pry, it's just that I
                     really loved your book

                     You kept that one quiet...what other
                     skeletons have you got in the cupboard?

         CARTER gives MIK a glance...

    26   INT NIGHT CARTERS ROOM - CARTER sits in her room - motionless. A small
         roll up cigarette burns between her fingers and her feet are propped up
         on the table in front of her. On the table sits a small laptop computer
         - her word processor.

         She has a spark of an idea, jams the cigarette into her mouth and
         attacks the keyboard without warning or mercy. She pauses for a second
         - another idea.


    26   CONTINUED:

         Suddenly there is a loud banging - it sounds like a hammer. CARTER
         jumps, then looks round, frowning.

    27   INT NIGHT MIK'S ROOM - CARTER taps on the door and opens MIK'S room.
         MIK is wearing a bathrobe and drying off her hair.

         There is another loud banging...CARTER looks surprised...

                     Sorry, I thought it was you (looking
                     round) What the hell is he doing?

         CARTER leaves MIK'S room.

    28   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - There is another series of loud bangs as CARTER
         taps on STECKLER'S door. There is a pause - a long pause before the
         sound of a latch can be heard.

         The door clicks open and STECKLER stands there - blocking any entry
         into the room - a hammer gripped firmly in his hand. For a VERY brief
         moment, CARTER thinks STECKLER might hit her with the hammer

                     (Demanding) What are you doing?

                     I'm sorry?

                     What's with all the locks - and

                     It says in the contract I can have a
                     lock fitted - is there a problem ANGELA?

         There is a pause

                     (Surprised) My names isn't ANGELA...

                     Yes - I'm sorry ELLEN...

                     (Slight concern) Don't worry - Is that
                     my hammer (STECKLER nods) Well Just make
                     sure that it's put back in the garage...


    28   CONTINUED:

                     I will...

    29   INT NIGHT CARTERS ROOM - CARTER sits in a pool of light examining her
         contract with STECKLER

                     (Resignedly) Locks huh!

         She wipes her brow in frustration - it sure is hot

    30   INT NIGHT LIVING ROOM - STECKLER sits in front of the TV set laughing
         out loud. He is watching a crass gameshow, and wearing headphones.

         The door swings open and MIK enters wearing a light cocktail dress -
         she looks stunning.

         STECKLER doesn't see her as she walks behind him to retrieve her
         earings from a shelf. She puts the first in,

                     Is it any good?

         STECKLER doesn't answer - he's oblivious to her. MIK frowns to herself
         and puts the other earing in - but she drops it to the floor. Slowly
         she bends down to pick it up - STECKLER'S eyes shift to observe her...

         As she bends down she turns on the spot, her body is captivating. As
         she picks up her earing, for the very briefest moment, STECKLER is
         shown just a few square inches of pale flesh at the top of her white

         She stands back and exits the room, STECKLER'S eyes shifting once more.

    31   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - MIK stands at the foot of the stairs and calls out

                     ELLEN! I'm going now - I'll stay at
                     DEKLAN'S tonight, I'll see you tomorrow

         CARTER calls OK from upstairs

         MIK turns and leaves... After a pause, CARTER walks down the stairs and
         pauses for a second - she is very sweaty. She moves toward the LIVING


    31   CONTINUED:

                     LESLIE - Are you hot?

    32   INT NIGHT LIVING ROOM - She enters the LIVING ROOM to find STECKLER -
         but he isn't there. The TV is still on, the headphones on the floor -
         but NO STECKLER...

         She passes it off and moves over to the wall - she toys with the
         thermostat before touching the radiator... There is a sizzling sound as
         she retracts her hand...

    33   INT NIGHT KITCHEN - CARTER grabs a torch from a drawer and flicks it on
         before exiting the back door.

    34   EXT NIGHT BOILER HOUSE - A small stone boiler house sits outside the
         door. CARTER looks round,

                     LESLIE - are you out here?

         No-one answers and CARTER ventures out into the rainy night. She
         hurries to the BOILER HOUSE. She opens the door and is hit by a wave of
         heat - the boiler roars away...

         She steps into the dark shed, illuminating it with the torch. She
         stands it on end pointing it up...

         She takes a hold of one of the levers, but it's hot. She takes of her
         jacket to reveal her vest. She warps the jacket around the handle and
         pulls hard, but nothing happens. She pulls again...Nothing

         There is a movement behind - someone in the shadows...

         CARTER wrestles with the lever, but still no joy...

         Suddenly STECKLER appears by her side - reaching out for the lever - a
         wrench in his hand...

         CARTER is shocked to see him there - and even more so when he manages
         to release the lever...

                     We'd better get back inside!

         The rain hurtles down as they scamper back to the house...

    35   INT NIGHT KITCHEN - They enter - CARTER is drenched, her vest clinging
         to her body. As soon as STECKLER appears, she covers herself and wipes
         herself with a nearby towel

                     Thank you - I'd better get changed...

         Awkwardly CARTER exits and goes upstairs.

         STECKLER stands in the kitchen door way - motionless.

    36   INT NIGHT GARAGE - STECKLER walks int the garage - There is a large
         tools rack on the wall, with white symbols around each tool to show
         where they live. He replaces the wrench in its home.

         He is about to leave when he notices something on the back wall. He
         kneels to examine it closer - a long, horizontal dent in the wall. He
         looks round at the parked car, it's bumper corresponds with the dent -
         he thinks then exits...

         Slowly the camera tracks forward to the rack - the HAMMER is still

    37   EXT DAY LONDON STREET - Slowly a hammer is slipped into a hnadbag with
         a female hand. We are in a LONDON street - Wild, mad and chaotic. The
         camera moves along in a dream like state (The Point of View of a

         We see newsagents with bars across the windows, a shop filled with
         knives, blades and scissors, an Asian couple argue madly outside a
         shop, a fat skinhead and his pitbull walk menacingly past as little
         children run along laughing.

         A butchers shop is filled with raw flesh...A group of women from some
         weird religious faction wearing masks hurry past, a modern church - The
         Seventh Denomination of Martyrs - with bright signs offers salvation, a
         group of youths pass the camera - their eyes never leave the lens, this
         is their turf.

         The person crosses the road, taxi cabs screaming past - no-one cares
         about anything. We see her feet, the same red stilettoes. She goes
         under a bridge into a back alley.

         She begins cruising - whores line the walls, tarted up for business.
         But she ignores most of them - except one toward the end, wearing white
         and glowing out with apparent innocence...

         The camera moves closer - The WHORE turns round, in her thirties, a
         seasoned professional with years of work etched into her face...


    37   CONTINUED:

                                  OLD WHORE
                     Oooh I say, I haven't had the pleasure
                     for a long time! Still, variety is the
                     spice of life...

    38   EXT DAY DESERTED BUILDING - The WHORE leads the woman into a DESERTED
         building - past a sign which reads FRIARS END...

    39   INT DAY SQUAT ROOM - We are inside the rundown building, rubble and
         decay surround us, water drips distantly and a small street cat sits
         nearby, watching.

         The WHORE sits at the far end of the room on a table. She smiles as she
         opens her legs and opens her blouse. Her white bra and pants glow out

         The woman steps forward...

         The cat watches patiently. Suddenly there is a crash, a struggle, a
         gurgle and a strangled scream...And a horrible loud crack...

         The cat washes it paws, purring...

    40   INT DAY SQUAT ROOM - The body of the woman lies on the floor, her face
         in a death grimace... Flash guns go off as we see she is not alone.

         A bunch of plain clothes officers busy themselves about the crime scene
         - and so does INSPECTOR TAYLOR...He is talking to a local...

                     Well, I just saw these two women go in -
                     I thought I'd, you know - and I found
                     her like that...

         An officer calls out from across the room

                     We've found something!

         TAYLOR walks over to forrester who is crouched over a bloody hammer...

    41   INT DAY FORENSIC LAB - There is an air of unprecedented hygiene about
         the lab - Everything is white. TAYLOR, FORRESTER and a young female lab
         technician, FOSTER are there. FOSTER slides a tray with the hammer in
         it into the light.


    41   CONTINUED:

                     Most of it was a mess of smears, but I
                     got one clean print here...

         The hammer is coated in a fine film of dust, the handle smeared but one
         clear fingerprint on the head...

                     How long before you can give me an idea?

         They all move to a huge and complex computer with the finger print on
         the screen - it flashes other prints and photos up in quick succession

                     I started the check already, but without
                     more specific physical ID - I can't
                     narrow the field down - could be a month
                     - that's if she is on record

                     Or he...

         The fingerprint freezes on screen and spins off to the top corner

    42   INT DAY NEWS ROOM -

                                  NEWS READER
                     Once more, LONDON has been plunged into
                     terror as the WHITE ANGEL strikes again.
                     However, one fingerprint has been found,
                     and Police have issued a statement that
                     if the killer is on file, then they will
                     have a positive identification within
                     the month...

    43   INT DAY SHOPPING ARCADE - A huge close up of a TV screen - we pull
         focus to reveal CARTER sat in a cafe in the middle of a crowded
         shopping mall (A tv shop is behind from where we saw the report). On
         the table are two coffees, a notepad etc.

         In front of her sits a huge man, thick rimmed glasses, gold rings and
         chains and a huge very expensive jacket keeping him warm...

         His eyes are fixed on the TV set to the side of CARTER. This is ALAN
         SMITH, successful businessman with the most dubious of methods.


    43   CONTINUED:

                     (Broad cockney accent) It's diabolical
                     in'it, I mean it's not safe to walk the
                     streets no more is it...

         Casually CARTER glances over at the TV set, a reporter is reporting
         from outside the building where the murder took place.

                     Anyway, HACKSAW JOE?

                     Sorry - yeah, well you see, JOE used to
                     single out people he wanted to get rid
                     off - and he would weaken them over a
                     few weeks by giving them arsenic in
                     small doses - on biscuits, in their tea
                     and coffee - it has a kind of sweet

         CARTER listens intently as the miniature cassette recorder records all
         the gruesome details.

                     He never give them enough to kill them
                     mind, just weaken them so that when he
                     struck, they didn't put up too much of a
                     fight - you see, JOE was only small -
                     couldn't take anyone bigger or stronger
                     on...well that's when he did his thing
                     with the hacksaw (Grimacing). It got
                     pretty nasty - you know.... a bit here,
                     a bit there - (Laughing) we used to call
                     him JIGSAW JOE - But the point is this,
                     even JOE had principles - not like this
                     scum who is roaming the streets now.

         SMITH points to the TV screens, CARTER glances at her watch again...

                     It wouldn't have happened twenty years

                     I see, crime was decent then

         CARTER smiles to herself,


    43   CONTINUED (2):

                     You're damn right - I can't even let my
                     daughter out at night now. Life is
                     different now - it's a jungle out there
                     - you've got to know who your friends
                     are - protect yourself and your own -
                     know what I mean?

         The waitress drops a tray of spoons - SMITH spins round and CARTER
         jumps - SMITHS hand is lodged firmly inside his jacket - ready for
         anything. The waitress looks up apologetically...

                     (Pause) Yes I know what you mean.

    44   INT EVENING DENTISTS OFFICE - STECKLER is in his office, sat behind a
         desk. Light from a neon pours in through the window as he re-arranges
         the things on his desk.

         He leans back in his chair, rubbing his lower aching back.

         He looks up - there is a slight opening in the doorway to the surgery
         reception. There is a little movement as JANET the nurse FINISHES off
         her chores.

         He watches her until she sits down. She crosses her legs, one of her
         feet falling into the light of the door opening. STECKLER can see
         nothing but the lower quarter of her leg and her white tall heeled
         shoe. It glows out to him.

         STECKLER watches the foot - wanting and needing. But he's not dumb.

                     JANET -

         The woman enters, STECKLER trying not to look at her white shoes.

                     Er, you might as well knock off now -
                     I'll shut up shop

                     Are you sure?

                     (Smiling) Yes, go home...


    44   CONTINUED:

         The nurse turns and leaves...STECKLER looks out of his window at a
         clothes shop opposite

    45   EXT NIGHT SHOP FRONT - Across the road is a large chain store with
         dummies in the windows.

         One of them houses a set of three female figures, one in lingerie,
         another in a bath robe - and the third in a white cocktail dress.
         STECKLER is drawn to the window...

         He examines the figure of the woman, her curves, her face and smile,
         her legs, her feet...To him, she is alive.

         He stands in awe.

         Suddenly, there is a noise behind. He turns to see a STREET SPIV
         hassling a blonde girl (KATE) The girl is young, but fights back
         vigorously - it's all getting a bit nasty.

         STECKLER crosses the road...

    46   EXT ALLEYWAY NIGHT - The SPIV is shouting about money and for her to
         shut up when STECKLER steps into the light, his face shadowed...

                     Got a problem!?

         He brandishes a knife as the girl writhes. STECKLER doesn't flinch. The
         SPIV senses that this could get nastier and lets the girl go,
         concentrating on STECKLER...

                     Come on Grandad!

         Without warning, STECKLER lunges and snatches the SPIV'S hand, forcing
         him to drop the knife. The SPIV screams in pain as STECKLER bends his
         two fingers back - there is a loud crack as STECKLER snaps his
         fingers... The SPIV howls and STECKLER releases him - he runs into the
         night, nursing his hand.

         STECKLER turns to the girl on the floor - she is young, afraid and dirt
         smeared. Her hair is bleached white and she wears a white dress...

                     My name is LESLIE - I'm a doctor and I
                     have a surgery just around the corner -
                     you could call a taxi...


    46   CONTINUED:

         The girl is helped to her feet and they walk toward STECKLER'S surgery.

    47   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - The door swings open and STECKLER steps inside. He
         calls out...

                     Anyone home?

         There is no answer. He steps back out and returns with a girl in his
         arms. He walks upstairs with her - it is the girl from the streets.

                     Were nearly there - just up the

         He carries her up the stairs...

                     Its a nice room - spacious, you'll like
                     it sweetie...

         He reaches the top and opens his door, entering. For a short time he is
         out of sight as the camera moves down and into the room.

    48   INT NIGHT STECKLER'S ROOM - STECKLER is under his bed - the girl not in

                     Just a few days - ELLEN wouldn't
                     understand yet - yes I'm sure she

         The door slams shut with the wind.

         FADE TO BLACK

         is sat behind her desk... She looks up.

                     (To DEZERAE) You want to see me

         A familiar voice calls out from behind.


    49   CONTINUED:

                     ELLEN CARTER - Now how are you doing
                     these days?

         CARTER turns round to see INSPECTOR TAYLOR, a plain clothes police man
         stood looking out over the panoramic view of LONDON - he turns and
         smiles at CARTER.

                     It's been what, three years?

                     (To DEZERAE) What's this all about?

                     So have you seen hubby recently ELLEN?

         CARTER turns back to TAYLOR - DEZERAE isn't helping any... She doesn't
         answer. TAYLOR walks round to the side of DEZERAE's desk to extinguish
         his cigarette...He turns to DEZERAE,

                     Could I have a private moment with

                     No problem - I'll be outside

         DEZERAE exits quickly - she doesn't like police men either.

         The door shuts. TAYLOR turns to CARTER.

                     What brings the rats out of the sewers?

                     I'm here about the so called
                     disappearance of your husband - It's
                     best if we let old bones lie. Know what
                     I mean? (Grins) I'm working on the WHITE
                     ANGEL case now - and I've got to check
                     all known murderers or suspected
                     murderers for the last five years... And
                     that means you...So where were you last
                     THURSDAY afternoon around five...

                     (Astounded) You think I'm the WHITE


    49   CONTINUED (2):

                     (Smiles) It did give me a chance to meet
                     you again ELLEN - It's all routine you
                     understand...So where were you?

                     (Gritted teeth) At home alone - where
                     were you?

                     As it happens, I was at home alone -
                     maybe we could solve each others

                     Get out...

         TAYLOR takes a step forward, very close to CARTER and talks quietly but
         firmly -

                     You know ELLEN, I believe you - I know
                     that you're no serial killer - something
                     else maybe, but no serial killer. I'm
                     assigning surveillance for your own
                     protection - we couldn't have the once
                     world famous novelist found with her
                     head missing could we?

         TAYLOR walks round the table, looking at the poster for CRIME SCENE -
         sexual and provocative.

                     What happened to you - you used to have
                     some class

         TAYLOR turns and begins to walk out - He opens the door and stops

                     Someone will find your husband one day -
                     and then I'll have a body

         He turns to CARTER smiling,

                     Catch you later...

         He exits...

    50   INT DAY MIK'S ROOM - We move along make-up and girls things. They are
         all in use. Classical music gently plays in the background.

         We move up to the mirror as a pretty girl with dark long hair looks up.
         Slowly, we realise that it is STECKLER. We pull wide to see his hairy
         chest... He smiles at the illusion.

         STECKLER begins rummaging through MIK's things, her cupboards, her
         drawers - he spends a moment running his hands through her underwear
         drawer before becoming a little bored...

    51   INT DAY HALLWAY - STECKLER walks out of MIK'S room, wearing nothing but
         his wig, make-up and a pair of joggers...

    52   INT CARTERS ROOM DAY - STECKLER looks round, like a child at the fair

         He moves to her cupboards and drawers - curiously ignoring her make-up,
         clothes and underwear.

         He begins to search, under drawers, behind cupboards, behind books,
         above the curtain rail.

         Eventually he gives up and lies back on CARTER's bed looking at the
         ceiling. Suddenly he flips over and looks under her bed - still
         nothing. He pulls himself back up when he notices a slight rip in the
         mattress. He pushes his fingers in and the flap gives way - it is a
         velcro held opening. STECKLER places his hand in and slowly removes the
         hidden contents - a small case.

    53   INT STECKLER'S ROOM DAY - STECKLER is sat at his table with the case.
         He is removing his make-up with a towel and is now wearing a T shirt.

         He inspects it closely before opening it. Inside is tightly packed. He
         smiles as he removes the letters written from cut out newspapers - he
         delves deeper - a passport is there, STEPHEN CARTER, ELLEN'S husband.
         STECKLER moves on, excited by his find.

         A small but sharp knife, a wedding ring, a newspaper cutting from a
         small column which reads 'Famous Novelists Husband Disappears'. He
         finds a small gold statuette - her prize from the awards at the start
         of the movie. STECKLER feels honoured to hold it and inspects it
         closely before moving on.

         Curiously enough, he finds the plans of the house. He inspects them
         closely - the kitchen, the hall, the bedrooms...The Living room -
         something looks odd, different, wrong...

    54   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - STECKLER is stood in the LIVING ROOM getting his
         bearings in relation to the plans. He looks round, and then at the wall
         to his right.

         He goes over to it, running his hand over the surface - there is a
         slight bump where extra work had been done.

         He thumps hard on the wall, moving along as he does so - suddenly, the
         echo changes.

         He takes an involuntary step backward.

         CUT TO - The screen is black. There is a heavy thud, and another.
         Suddenly a brick falls from it's place, and another - STECKLER is
         knocking the wall down!

         Excitedly, he makes a hole big enough for him to fit his head and arms
         through. He turns on his torch and leans in.

         The recess is dark and his torch cuts a beam in the dusty air. He looks
         down - sure enough, there are the crumbling and crusty remains of a
         corpse. STECKLER is almost jubilant at his discovery and begins to

         We see the face of the dead man, his skin dry and old, stretched in a
         deathlike grin...

         FADE TO BLACK

    55   EXT DAY 66 ACACIA AVENUE - CARTER's car pulls into the driveway and she
         parks up. The sky is heavy and there is a distant rumble of thunder. As
         she steps out of her car - she senses something - a still - a quiet...

    56   INT DAY HALLWAY - CARTER enters the house, hangs up her coat and picks
         up her mail. She walks past the living room and into the kitchen. She
         stops dead in the kitchen and backtracks.

         She drops her letters to the floor as she looks into the room - a huge
         gaping and black hole is all that is left of her husbands tomb...

         A great pile of bricks lie to the side.

         She moves forward - desperate but not wanting to inspect the contents
         of the hole.

         She steps forward, takes another step, and another - all the time
         getting closer to the shadowy hole...


    56   CONTINUED:

         And then she is there. Slowly she leans in...And it is empty. She leans
         back out and jumps as she realises STECKLER is standing right behind

         For a long time she doesn't know what to say - everything is moving too
         fast and she has to be careful.

                     (With difficulty) What have you done?

         STECKLER smiles and walks behind the sofa - enjoying the moment -
         savoring the atmosphere...

                     I knew you did it - I just couldn't
                     figure out what you had done with the

         CARTER is really not sure what is happening anymore, why hadn't he told
         the police? what did he want? She cannot speak - just listen

                     I knew you had killed him - I just felt
                     it - I'm surprised that the police
                     didn't suspect 'foul play' - everything
                     pointed that way...

         CARTER looks at the gaping hole in the wall

                     (Smiling) Oh, I admit it's a rather
                     vulgar method - but I needed to fire
                     your (Searching) Imagination...

         CARTER is still a little blank

                     The reason I knew you killed your
                     husband - apart from the fact that he
                     disappeared - is that you stopped
                     writing - he must have been a bastard to
                     you - Anyway, (Smiling) I'm going to
                     give you a second chance to start anew.

         STECKLER looks down, searching for a way to tell CARTER something.

                     You had better sit down


    56   CONTINUED (2):

         Dutifully, CARTER sits - she's too confused to do anything else.

         STECKLER stands opposite, the sofa forming a barrier between them.
         STECKLER looks deep into the empty tomb - into the blackness...

                     You see ELLEN, there are parts of me you
                     haven't encountered - parts that are
                     more important - that most people don't
                     or won't understand.

         STECKLER turns to face CARTER, fire in his eyes

                     I want you and your words to make people
                     understand - I'm commissioning a book

         CARTER is starting to get afraid for her safety...

                     I want people to understand the power
                     any man can use - to take what he needs,
                     to take what he wants - I want people to
                     know why I do what I do - so that when I
                     am finished, they will understand the
                     truth of my actions. I want THE ELLEN
                     CARTER to write the life story of LESLIE
                     RAYMOND STECKLER

         STECKLER stops for a moment - CARTER is looking out of depth...

                     I don't have much time ELLEN - They have
                     my finger prints - they WILL catch me...

         CARTER is beginning to shake...

                     I'm not going to hurt you (Smiles) -
                     Your'e not my type - I need your skills
                     - (Enthused) don't you see the divine
                     perfection - you and I are both carved
                     from the same stone - it will be the
                     perfect partnership - your words - my

         STECKLER calms down, looking back into the darkness of the tomb -


    56   CONTINUED (3):

                     And don't think of calling the police -

         STECKLER shows CARTER a photo of a weird looking tree with a spade
         stuck in the ground

                     That's where your husband is - It's not
                     too far from here, but far enough. I
                     have marked the map reference near the
                     tree and lodged it in my family safety
                     deposit box

         STECKLER puts his arm down his shirt and dangles a key in front of

                     should anything ever happen to me -
                     should I die, get hit by a truck - or
                     disappear, then I have instructed the
                     manager to turn the contents - along
                     with an explanatory letter, over to
                     Scotland Yard - so lets just hope
                     nothing happens to me.

         STECKLER moves to the other side of the room,

                     Otherwise, you are free to do as you

         He looks at her - her eyes are red rimmed and she is shaking

                     As long as you write my book...(Thinks)

         He turns and makes for the door, opening it - he stops, but doesn't

                     You have no choice ELLEN, you will write
                     this book...

         STECKLER exits. CARTER sits absolutely still, like a rabbit after a
         truck has passed - she hears the front door click shut and sees
         STECKLER walk down the garden path...

         CARTER suddenly leaps to her feet and runs into the KITCHEN

    57   INT DAY KITCHEN - CARTER tears in and grabs the biggest knife she can
         find in the knife rack. She whips round, pointing it out - her back to
         the wall...

                     (Quietly) Fuck...Oh Fuck ...Oh fuck

    58   EXT NIGHT CRIME SCENE OFFICES - A heavy sky looms overhead - police
         sirens wail.

    59   INT NIGHT TRUE CRIME OFFICES - The offices are dark, only the
         occasional light illuminates the night. A street lamp cast WEIRD and
         ugly shadows across the walls.

         CARTER sits in a pool of light cast from a nearby desk lamp. Her eyes
         are blood shot, her face blank. A cigarette burns in her fingers. Her
         fingers dart through a Rolidex...

         Suddenly there is a slight noise behind her, a click, a creak. Slowly,
         she wraps her hand around the knife she had in the kitchen.

         Without warning she spins round, brandishing the blade - only to
         confront DEZERAE CAMPBELL - her boss!

         DEZERAE nearly dies of a heart attack - only narrowly avoiding a
         spillage of her coffee which she clasps in her hand

                     OH MY GAWD!

                     I'm sorry - I didn't think

                     A person could get killed round here
                     just for working late

         CARTER smiles at DEZERAES curt response

                     I thought you were someone else

                     Well I'm glad I'm not them - what are
                     you doing here so late? Come to that,
                     what the hell have you got that for?

         She points to the knife


    59   CONTINUED:

                     I thought someone was following me - I -
                     er - (Changes subject) I just needed my
                     computer and some things...Listen, I'd
                     like to work from home for a few weeks -
                     is that OK?

                     (Pause) Why don't you take a few weeks
                     off - you're due some holiday time.

         CARTER smiles

                     Sounds good - thank you

                     Don't mention it - now can I get back to
                     my accounts, or do you want to fillet

         CARTER laughs as DEZERAE turns and leaves. CARTER watches her as she
         enters her office, wittering to herself.

         She picks up the phone and returns to her rolidex - she stops at a card
         - ALAN SMITH

    60   INT NIGHT HOUSE - The phone rings...A little girl with a party hat
         picks up the receiver...

                                  LITTLE GIRL
                     Hello?... GRANDAD! It's for you...

         ALAN SMITH, the gangster we met at the beginning of the film walks in,
         also wearing a party hat. He takes the phone -

                     Thank you Darling - you go on back to
                     your friends...

         The little girl prances off back to her party...




    61   CONTINUED:

                     Hello, ALAN - It's ELLEN CARTER here
                     from CRIME SCENE - yes - I remember you
                     said that if I needed something, I could
                     come to you...

    62   EXT NIGHT CASH POINT - CARTER is at a cashpoint. Everywhere is
         deserted. She feels intensely lonely - and very very afraid of the
         shadows. She glances at her watch as she withdraws a huge wad of notes.

    63   INT NIGHT HARDWARE STORE - We see a pile of cans which read "ANT
         POISON". CARTER takes one down and looks at it - paying attention to
         the contents... It reads, "8.5% Arsenic - POISON".

         She takes it and walks to the checkout.

    64   EXT NIGHT SPARE PARTS SHOP - CARTER pulls up in front of a run down,
         scruffy shop with spare tyres in the window. The lights are off.

         She clambers from her car and knocks on the door - After a moment the
         door opens to reveal an odd looking man, dark with a slight limp - he
         replies with a broad cockney accent -

                     ALAN sent you - right?

         CARTER nods

    65   INT NIGHT CAR SHOP - CARTER steps into the shop which is filled with
         car spare parts, seats, tyres, windows - everything you could ever
         imagine. Its cramped and claustrophobic -

         JOHN walks behind the counter - reaches under and retrieves a very
         large and oddly shaped tool box -

         CARTER watches anxiously - JOHN opens up the case to reveal a vast
         array of weapons - from small pistols to fully automatic assault
         riffles -

                     What do you want?

         CARTER is obviously a little weapon shy - if not downright ignorant.


    65   CONTINUED:

                     I want a gun - (embarrassed) - There's
                     this guy, I think he's watching me - You
                     know I'd just feel safer with a gun in
                     the house - I wouldn't use it - just for

                     Whatever you say Lady

         JOHN frowns and reaches in, pulling out an Ouzi sub machine gun.

                     This'll stop anything that moves

                     No - something smaller I think

         He replaces the weapon and withdraws a small handgun...He racks it,
         checking the chamber and the mechanism...CARTER jumps slightly at the
         loud metallic chang.

                     Browning 9mm - holds 13 in the clip, one
                     in the chamber - and I'll throw in two
                     extra clips and a silencer...

         He holds out the extra bullet clips before screwing the silencer onto
         the front of the gun. He passes it to her. She holds it clumsily, if
         not a little repulsed by it.

                     I will need the bullets...

                     No problem - that's a good gun - got a
                     nice action - try it...

         CARTER holds the gun up at arms length - unsure of what to do. She
         squints and aims before pulling the trigger...CLICK!

         CUT TO -

         A huge wad of notes is dropped on the counter. CARTER turns to leave...

    66   INT NIGHT HALLWAY (AT 66 ACACIA AVENUE) - CARTER enters her front door,
         closing it quietly behind her. She doesn't turn the lights on.


    66   CONTINUED:

         The faint sound of classical music and laughter comes from the living
         room - Slowly she walks toward the closed door. She reaches out and
         opens it...

    67   INT NIGHT LIVING ROOM - She steps into the room. STECKLER and MIK are
         sat at a table together having dinner - MIK looks round smiling.

                     ELLEN! You're back - come and join us...
                     You must be tired - LESLIE told me how
                     you spent the whole day knocking out
                     that hole...Funny place to put a fish
                     tank though.

         CARTER looks over at STECKLER obviously not too pleased.

                     I thought I would cook us a meal

         MIK offers some spare ribs...It seems important to STECKLER that CARTER
         join them at the table

                     (Sickened) No thank you - I already ate

         MIK crunches hard on a bone -

                     Oh come on ELLEN, they're the nicest
                     ribs I have ever tasted

         MIK looks round at STECKLER, she's feeling full, tipsy and sexy -

                     (Caressing STECKLERS hand) LESLIE is a
                     very talented cook - he says there's
                     nothing he can't do with red meat and

         She holds up her glass to CARTER...STECKLER pulls his hand away from
         MIK, looking down - avoiding the contact

                     (Coldly to STECKLER) I'm sure that's

         STECKLER stands to clear the table....


    67   CONTINUED:

                     (To CARTER) If you want any - there's
                     some left in the kitchen

                     I think I will pass...

         STECKLER walks out of the room - carrying the huge platter

                     Dessert is on it's way

         He leaves the room.

         MIK gives CARTER a scrumpled, tipsy look

                     I think I misjudged him - he's really
                     quite cute

         CARTER is not smiling at all - MIK sees this... MIK gets up and wanders
         over to the other side of the room - she selects a tape and inserts it
         into the cassette deck and presses play. She removes her jacket to
         reveal a tight white vest.

                     (Wiping brow) You ought to get the
                     heating seen to - it's so hot

         Heavy thudding dance music pumps from the speakers. MIK begins to dance
         on her own - she is very very sexy as she swings her hips...

         CARTER is exasperated - on top of everything, she has a headache. The
         last thing she needs is a drunk girlie flirting with a psychopath.
         CARTER stands up and turns the music down...

                     What's wrong with you?

                     (Awkwardly & quiet) I would prefer it if
                     you kept away from LESLIE


                     You heard me - keep away from him


    67   CONTINUED (2):

         MIK laughs at the ridiculousness of the statement

                     You don't own him you know - you can't
                     tell me not to see him!

                     (Calmly) Yes I can...

         MIK's attitude changes - this is no longer a funny situation - ELLEN is
         serious -

                     Huh - fuck you - who trampled on your

         MIK turns the music back up - and continues dancing. CARTER looks over
         to the kitchen - expecting STECKLER to be watching this display - but
         he's not.

         She looks harder... Then she sees the reflection of his face in a
         mirror in shadows. He is watching, and has been watching MIK from the
         safety of a mirror. He doesn't move. Just watches...

         CARTER turns - she must speak now whilst she has the strength. She
         turns the tape off.

                     I'm giving you notice, I want you out.

         MIK stops dead in her tracks, slowly turning.

                     I want you out now

                     Leave!? Who the hell do you think you

                     (Calmly) I'm your landlady

         MIK is stopped dead in the middle of ARGUMENT.

                     Just because I have dinner with LESLIE -
                     I mean? What are you two fucking or
                     something? Cause, if you are, I didn't


    67   CONTINUED (3):

         STECKLER appears at the door of the kitchen. MIK is bubbling with
         anger, but she restrains it, tears forming in her eyes.

                     Oh I understand (Stepping forward)

         She turns and exits, running upstairs. CARTER looks at STECKLER who
         returns a silent stare. The sound of MIK thundering back down the
         stairs can be heard and she enters with her jacket and a small bag. Her
         eyes are red - she looks like she is about to burst into tears.

         She walks up to CARTER, offering her a wad of notes.

                     It's the rent I'm due - take it then we
                     are equal

         Reluctantly, CARTER takes the notes...MIK is very distressed, fighting
         hard to keep her voice from wavering. She keeps her head bowed.

                     I'll be at DEKLAN'S, and I'll come over
                     to collect my stuff in the next few
                     days... Don't mind my stuff if some guy
                     you fancy turns up - just leave it in
                     the garden - I thought you were a nice
                     girl ELLEN - Looks like I was wrong

         She turns and walks out, pausing at the door to look at CARTER. CARTER
         can say or do nothing. STECKLER watches silently - he knows his place.
         He continues to wash the dirty dishes. MIK leaves...

         DISSOLVE TO -

    68   INT NIGHT CARTER's ROOM - A huge plank wedges the door shut - on the
         table is an ashtray with a cigarette burning peacefully - a box of
         shells lies open... CARTER sits silently listening through headphones
         to her miniature tape recorder, the interview with ALAN SMITH

         She checks out her gun - she's never handled one before and the action
         is stiff - she learns how to load the clip, how to rack the gun...She
         feels the weight in her palm before gently squeezing the trigger -

         CARTER turns her attention to the bottle of ANT KILLER she had


    68   CONTINUED:

                                  VOICE OF SMITH
                     Oh yeah, anyway - when he got them
                     weakened with the arsenic, just
                     sprinkled it on their food for a few
                     days - like I said, just weakened them
                     enough for him to GET THEM WHERE HE

         CARTER takes a spoonful of the white powder from the ant poison and
         sprinkles it into the sugar bowl. She mixes it in with the spoon before
         tasting a little, just to check if it can be detected... She can't
         taste anything.

         She replaces the sugar bowl lid and looks up.

    69   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - CARTER walks down the stairs, the sugar bowl in her
         hand. She has no expression - just a resolute stare.

    70   INT NIGHT KITCHEN - She enters the kitchen and boils the kettle -
         making two cups of coffee. Slowly and methodically.

    71   INT NIGHT LIVING ROOM - CARTER enters the room with two mugs of coffee
         on a tray - and the sugar bowl.

         STECKLER sits opposite, watching banal television. He looks up to her
         as she passes him the coffee...


                     Yes, one and a half please.

         CARTER dunks the sugar in the coffee and swirls it round. She passes it
         to STECKLER, watching him intently as he sips.

                     I will write your book...

         STECKLER breaks into a broad smile - CARTER does not.

                     But I have one demand - you will not
                     kill whilst I write


    71   CONTINUED:

         STECKLER stops grinning and thinks, then smiles once more.

                     Fine - you will have to work fast - it
                     will probably be only a few months
                     before they identify my prints - and
                     then it is over - I will destroy all the
                     evidence in my safety deposit box - your
                     secret will die with me...(pleased) I'm
                     so glad ELLEN

         CARTER doesn't look so cheerful...

    72   INT NIGHT LIVING ROOM - The screen is filled with the white noise of a
         video recorder image - it stabilises and shows STECKLER sat in front of
         the camera - gaudy pixilated colours seep through - it appears VERY
         documentary style...

                                  VOICE OF CARTER
                     Your name?

                     LESLIE STECKLER

                                  VOICE OF CARTER
                     What do you do?

                     (EMBARRASSED) What do I do? What do you

                                  VOICE OF CARTER
                     I write - If this is going to work, you
                     are going to have to get used to talking
                     to the camera - opening up to it...

         STECKLER nods, lowering his head.

                     So what do you do?

                     I'm a dentist

                     And how long have you been a dentist?


    72   CONTINUED:

                     (Warming) Oh, about six years since I

                     (Abruptly) And how many people have you

                     I don't know

                     You don't know?

                     No - the police say I've killed fourteen
                     - but I've not - I've killed many more.
                     It amazes me how they just haven't found
                     the bodies. What is society coming to
                     when people just don't get missed. I
                     agree, some of them are well hidden - I
                     probably couldn't even show you where I
                     put them - one girl, number eight I
                     think the press called it - she wasn't
                     even mine - I don't know who did it but
                     I didn't

                     Where do you kill them...

                     Oh anywhere - whenever I needed to - Do
                     you know how easy it is to take them?
                     You just pick up a hiker, or someone off
                     the streets - they believe so easily you
                     know, 'Look, I have something to show
                     you' I would say - and that would be it.
                     One girl, I think her name is Debbie -
                     she had broken down on the motorway, and
                     I offered to take her to a service
                     station to call for a tow truck - She
                     just got in and I drove away. When I
                     pulled into the layby and took out my
                     knife - she just froze, and said - what
                     do you want? - I said, You know what I
                     want. - But she didn't. Getting rid of
                     the bodies is just as easy - the first I
                     cut up, put in bags with bricks in, and
                     tossed them off Eldridge Bridge in broad
                     daylight. (Pause) The real problem with
                     my work is the blood - there is so much
                     of it - and it all spurts out so fast -
                     like a fountain. It made such a mess of

    72   CONTINUED (2):

                                  STECKLER (CONT'D)
                     my car (-) I stopped working from my
                     car. (Pause) She could have stopped me
                     you know - If she really wanted too.
                     That is the difference between the
                     confusion of humanity and the purity of
                     the beast - If a dog attacked you - you
                     could easily kill it without any damage
                     to yourself - Why then do people get
                     bitten by dogs - savaged? Why?

                     I don't know

                     Because a dog will attack with a
                     ferocity and force that we poses, but
                     centuries of social contamination has
                     run it out of us - that is what sets us
                     aside from the purity of the
                     beasts...Society is rotting - men who
                     once were strong and kept everything
                     working are getting soft - women are
                     making them soft - by the time a pretty
                     girl has reached twenty - she has had
                     three lifetimes worth of fun and
                     attention- so she doesn't deserve any
                     more -

                     Didn't DEBBIE deserve anymore?

                     No she didn't...

                     What did you do with her?

                     You know everyone accuses me of being
                     sick - the press, the TV - but I'm not
                     you know - they are - I don't watch it
                     for entertainment every night - I don't
                     sit and watch it whilst eating my dinner
                     - they all say, how could he cut her up?
                     She was dead - I can't hurt something
                     dead - And all this whilst they slobber
                     down their processed beef burgers by the
                     dozen - I couldn't eat one of those
                     burgers, you don't know what has gone in
                     them! (wry smile)

    72   CONTINUED (3):

         There is a long pause -

                     The press think that the WHITE ANGEL is
                     a woman - why is that? Do you dress up

                     (Awkward) I don't want to talk about it

                     OK, the press call you the WHITE ANGLE
                     because you only kill girls wearing
                     white - why white - white clothes,
                     blonde hair...

                     I don't know...

                     Is 'their' colour an expression of their
                     inner self? By that I mean, extroverts
                     wear bright colours - so what are people
                     who wear white?

                     (To CARTER) I don't know...

                     Is white an expression of innocence? Do
                     you crave innocence LESLIE?

                     (-) Let me ask you, why do you wear
                     black ELLEN CARTER? What are you running

         CARTER is indeed wearing black - there is a long pause as STECKLER
         stares CARTER out - even though he can't quite see her.

                     Do you feel sorry for the girls you have

                     Why should I feel sorry - they're dead.

    73   EXT NIGHT ROADWAY/CAR - The white lines of the road streak silently by.
         CARTER sits silently in the car with STECKLER as they drive into the
         night. Passing car headlights dance on CARTERs face - they say nothing
         to one another - there is a sombre quiet

    74   EXT HOUSE NIGHT - STECKLER pulls up in front of a house -

    75   EXT DAY NIGHT - The door to the house opens. STECKLER and CARTER stand
         in the doorway...

         The man in the doorway looks puzzled, he obviously doesn't know CARTER
         or STECKLER.

                     Hello - is ANNIE in?

         The man tenses up...

                     Are you a journalist?

                     No - I'm an old friend of ANNIE'S - I
                     haven't seen her for years - You must be
                     GRAHAM? Is there something wrong?

         The man seems to literally deflate.

                     I'm sorry - I've been hounded by the
                     press - ANNIE died over a year ago.

    76   INT NIGHT GRAHAM'S LIVING ROOM - The room is cosy and dark, a log fire
         burning in the background. We pan along a series of pictures, some with
         Graham and a woman (Presumably ANNIE), some of just the woman on her
         own. She is pretty with long flowing hair.

         STECKLER and CARTER are sat on the settee together. GRAHAM walks into
         shot with a glass of brandy for STECKLER...

                     (To CARTER) Are you sure you don't want
                     a glass?

                     (Politely) No - thank you


    76   CONTINUED:

         GRAHAM sits down - a log fire burning brightly. He smiles - it's good
         to have guests for a change - especially nice people.

                     So did you know her well? She never
                     mentioned you to me

                     Not really (Embarrassed) We had a bit of
                     a crush on each other - Purely innocent
                     I assure you - but she was fun - did she
                     ever tell you about her nick name -

                     SMUDGY? No...

                     Yes, everyone used to tease her about
                     that birth mark - you know the one she
                     had on her...

         STECKLER points to his rear...

                     (Smiling) I'm surprised you know about
                     that - she wouldn't ever show anyone it

         STECKLER turns to CARTER looking her right in the eye...

                     Oh we got in a little tussle once - and
                     that's when I saw it

         CARTER is BEGINNING to look a little uncomfortable.

                     So if you don't mind me asking - how did
                     it happen

         GRAHAM takes a deep breath - it's been a long time since has told
         anyone about this

                     Well - she was out late one night - just
                     went down to the newsagent for some
                     cigarettes - and she didn't come back...


    76   CONTINUED (2):

         STECKLER watches CARTER...

         We stay on CARTERS face for the entire monologue - the glow of the fire
         dances on her face...

                     Three days later some kids found her in
                     some bushes (Gets very difficult to
                     talk) - she had been...She had been...
                     they said she died instantly...But I
                     don't know how long she had to suffer
                     before that bastard killed her...

         CARTER is almost in tears

                     The worst thing was I had to go down and
                     identify her - she was so small and pale

         We cut back to GRAHAM.

                     How can any human being do that to

         CARTER doesn't have a clue.

    77   INT CAR NIGHT - CARTER sits silently as STECKLER drives.

         Suddenly a figure can be seen in the roadway - a hitcher, a girl with
         blonde hair, cut off jeans and long legs -

         STECKLER slows down to stop - CARTER is about to violently object - but
         STECKLER speeds on before she can say anything. He looks over to CARTER
         with a wry smile.

         CARTER is wide eyed and shocked...

    78   EXT DAY 66 ACACIA AVENUE - STECKLERS car pulls into the driveway and
         halts. CARTER and STECKLER clamber for it, running from the rain that
         pelts down. They approach the house and enter.

         Slowly we move backwards to reveal INSPECTOR TAYLOR sat in his car with
         a thermos flask and the infamous doughnut. He watches them intently....

    79   INT NIGHT CARTERS ROOM - CARTER drowsily tosses and turns. She glances
         at her clock. Its 3.30

    80   INT DAY HALLWAY - STECKLER stands in the hallway, fixing his tie. He is
         very smart. He examines a piece of paper which is headed "SHOSTERS BANK
         OF CREDIT" - he glances down at the letter - "appointment at 10am..."
         STECKLER glances at his watch and turns decidedly to the door.

         Quietly he unlocks it, glancing up as he does so - he doesn't want to
         make much noise.

         He gently shuts the door behind him...

    81   INT DAY CARTERS ROOM - But the click of the latch still awakens the
         slumbering CARTER. She looks very much the worse for wear, the last few
         days have been very tough...

         Drowsily she climbs from her bed and peers out of the window - she sees
         STECKLER walking down the garden path and round the corner out of

         She thinks to herself...

    82   INT DAY UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - CARTER appears in the hallway dressed in
         'thrown on' track suit bottoms and a vest -

         She walks down the hall to STECKLERS room, looking round as she does -
         she knows he's not there, but she has to settle her paranoia...

         Slowly she takes a hold of the door handle and turns - to her amazement
         the door swings open.

    83   INT DAY STECKLERS ROOM - CARTER is left in the hallway, hesitant -
         slowly she enters - fearful of what she may find.

         The room is well lit and organised - yet disorganised. Whilst
         everything is neatly put in it's place, it's not quite right - clothes
         are crumpled, books upside down on the shelf...

         A sleeping bag lies on the floor, recently slept in...The bed

         The wall has several pictures on it - prints of classical paintings in
         tacky small frames.

         She begins to rummage through cupboards - but finds only clothes... She
         opens a set of drawers and riffles through...Nothing...


    83   CONTINUED:

         Down the side of the cabinet are some leather bound books - CARTER
         opens the first - ancient stamps...

         She moves on to the next... Press clippings... She leafs through them.
         They begin years ago with local press reports of mass dog killings in
         the hamlet of DEDINGTON... Soon the clippings develop a more sinister
         feel, "Woman found dead on Common", "Local Girl Goes Missing"...

         "Writer Wins Award" - We see ELLEN CARTER holding up a copy of her book
         smiling broadly for the photographers -

         CARTER is stunned that STECKLER has kept this old clipping... She
         continues to flick and discovers more and more WHITE ANGEL killings

         She closes the book and replaces it carefully.

         She turns her attention to the case we saw STECKLER struggling with -
         filled and over heavy. She lifts it and places it on the bed. Slowly
         she unlatches it - and finally removes the belt.

         The lid creaks open - CARTER holds her breath, not wanting to open it -
         but it is filled with bizarre dentistry tools, scalpels, probes - a gas
         cylinder and drill... A tiny piece of black cloth protrudes from a
         brown parcel - CARTER unravels it to reveal a black dress, wig and red
         stiletto shoes - perfectly arranged. CARTERS frowns...

         She replaces everything and moves on...

         She opens a drawer and rummages, taking out a pile of letters. She
         leafs through and discovers a bank statement - DEPOSITORY SECTION OF
         THE SHOSTERS BANK OF CREDIT - and the address, 44 Anthony Street,

                     Bingo - (Whispering to self & searching)
                     the key...?

         We pull focus to reveal the key hanging from the bedhead...CARTER
         doesn't see it.

    84   EXT DAY STREET - STECKLER is walking briskly down the street - he stops
         suddenly, clasping his chest - he has forgotten the key. He turns on
         his heel and begins walking back - FAST!

    85   INT DAY STECKLERS ROOM - CARTER delves deeper into STECKLERS drawer -
         intrigued. She takes some photos out - mostly polaroids. One is of a
         very pretty girl in a car, another is of a woman - huge and
         domineering. She is in her kitchen, smiling broadly.

    85   CONTINUED:

         Another photo is of a young boy with an older girl by his side -
         presumably, STECKLER with a sister. She finds a crumpled shot of an old
         house, huge and mansion like. She delves deeper into the papers. She
         finds a document - an adoption document, the date 1962 - the name

                     (Mouthing) my god...

    86   EXT DAY 66 ACACIA AVENUE - STECKLER is getting closer, walking up the
         garden path to the door - his finger touches the doorbell but he
         hesitates - he steps back and looks at CARTERS bedroom - her curtain
         still shut. He shrugs and removes his keys...

    87   INT DAY STECKLERS ROOM - She moves on, to a small album of polaroids...

         The first is of STECKLER and his wife sat on a sofa, STECKLERS arm
         around his her... There are a few mundane photo's before CARTER finds
         one of a different girl, once more STECKLER embracing...

         CARTER glances over at the table - a POLAROID camera sits with a small
         tripod attached.

         She flips through the other photo's - all different girls - all vacant
         stares - all DEAD...

    88   EXT DAY FRONT DOOR - STECKLER twists the key in the lock and the door
         swings open -

    89   INT DAY STECKLERS ROOM - CARTER delves deeper into another drawer.
         Suddenly she hears a click - her head spins round, her heart

    90   INT DAY STAIRS - STECKLER is creeping up the stairs

    91   INT DAY STECKLERS ROOM - CARTER frantically tidies everything away...

    92   INT DAY STAIRS - But STECKLER is getting closer still, almost at the
         top of the stairs...

    93   INT DAY STECKLERS ROOM - CARTER has finished tidying when she suddenly
         spots the key hanging up - she reaches out for it - THE DOOR HANDLE
         TURNS - CARTERS eyes WIDEN!!!

         The door swings open and STECKLER steps in. He looks round cautiously -
         the key is still in it's place, but swaying ever so slightly...And no

         We see STECKLERS bed, CARTERS foot disappears under it...

         We see CARTER huddling amongst the boxes and a huge parcel beneath the
         bed - she watches STECKLERs feet.

         STECKLER grabs the key and puts it around his head. He pauses again -
         looking round - it is as if he can sense someone has been here...

         Without further thought, he turns and exits closing the door.

         CARTER listens as he goes down the stairs and out of the front door -
         CLUNK - she takes a deep breath...

         Then she sniffs, something smells bad... She turns to see the huge
         parcel beneath the bed beside her - slowly she reaches out to pull the
         sacking back...

         It is just an old pillow, some boxes and other junk - she doesn't know
         what she expected but she's glad it's nothing else...

         She clambers from under the bed and shakes herself down - without
         hesitation she moves for the door - BUT IT'S LOCKED!

         CARTER groans in disbelief

                     Oh come on!

    94   INT DAY MIK's ROOM - The camera moves slowly through MIK's room -
         suddenly there is a movement from the window - CARTER appears,
         clambering along the window ledge awkwardly - She reaches through the
         open slip and lets herself in.

         Clumsily she falls to the floor in MIK's room - glad to be safe

         She lies on her back and realises that she is still holding STECKLERS
         small polaroid album in her hand. She starts to laugh - and laugh and
         laugh - and then, as suddenly she had started, she stops laughing and
         closes her eyes...

         DISSOLVE TO -

    95   INT NIGHT STECKLERS ROOM - The door to STECKLERS room opens and CARTER
         silently steps in. STECKLER lies in the moonlight, asleep. The key
         CARTER is so desperate to have is sitting on his bedside cabinet.

         Slowly she moves forward, sweat dripping from her forehead.

         She reaches out for the key, further and further, nearer and nearer...

         Her finger clasps the cold metal. Suddenly, STECKLER jumps up behind
         her, screaming - He raises his arm bringing the meat clever he holds,
         crashing down on her hand, severing it cleanly from her body....

    96   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - CARTER abruptly wakes from her dream - she is sat
         in her high arm chair - the room is darkened, the curtains shut.

         Slowly she makes out the form of STECKLER sat shadowed in a chair
         opposite. He doesn't move or say anything...

                     How long have you been watching me?

                     I have something I have to show you...

         He stands up - the room is still laid out from the previous evening,
         the video camera still on it's tripod.

         STECKLER wanders over to the TV set and inserts a tape into the video -
         The TV flickers into life - a home video, shaky and out of focus. A
         couple are chatting and enjoying a picnic by a monument in a park. It
         is STECKLER and another woman - presumably his wife. STECKLER looks
         very different, his hair unkempt, his clothes scruffy. The woman is
         thin, with waves of blonde hair - she's wearing a bright coloured
         outfit - her face caked in make-up.

         But worst of all, she nags...

         STECKLER looks round at CARTER - the light from the TV flickers on her
         face. He looks back to the TV...The couple are eating their PICNIC.

         The picture and sound is very bad - adding to the authentic, fly on the
         wall documentary feel.

         The camera is being helmed by STECKLER who is off shot - and soon an
         argument breaks out over the contents of the sandwiches. As usual,
         everything is STECKLERS fault, can't he do anything right? This woman
         is your worst nightmare...

         Suddenly the camera tilts...Then falls to the ground. It's focus system
         tries to focus on the background, but cannot. Instead it focuses on the
         picnic basket.

    96   CONTINUED:

         A fight can be heard - suddenly STECKLERS wife stops shouting at him,
         there is a pause, then a crash as something falls over.

         CARTERs eyes widen as her mind fills in the visual blanks from the
         sound. There is a loud but muffled crack...

         The camera is picked up again, getting a brief glimpse of the inert
         form of the woman on the floor. The picture goes fuzzy as the recording

         CARTER looks up at STECKLER who in turn has just turned off the camera.

         CUT TO -

         The wheels of the video CASSETTE turn in the video camera - the record
         light flashes.

         We see the video screen. STECKLER sits there - looking into the lens.

                     Tell me about your wife...

                     My wife (-) My wife was the only one who
                     really deserved it. (Mimicking) LESLIE
                     do this. LESLIE do that. LESLIE it's
                     your fault... She used to tell me what
                     to wear, where to go, what to do - she
                     mothered me...

                     then why did you marry her -

                     It seemed like a good idea at the time -
                     why did you marry your husband.

         There is a pregnant pause - CARTER continues...

                     What didn't you like about her?

                     (Intensely) I hated being treated like a
                     failure - looked down on - my sister
                     used to do that - I hated it - I should
                     have known, when we got married - in a
                     registry office of course - she wore
                     maroon - I just wanted a white wedding
                     (-) I think she thought I was a ticket
                     to the good life. I had a good job,
                     prospects. And she was a slut - I didn't
                     know until too late. One day, I came

    96   CONTINUED (2):

                                  STECKLER (CONT'D)
                     home early and found her in bed with
                     another man. I don't know who he was. It
                     didn't matter. She never saw me. I sat
                     and watched for half an hour before I
                     knew what I had to do.

         There is a pause as STECKLER thinks.

                     I hated her for that. And I hated her
                     for not wearing white at our wedding. I
                     was cheated. I couldn't have what
                     everyone else could have - all my life I
                     have denied purity...The only time I
                     really was at one with my wife was those
                     precious few hours before I had to cut
                     her up - she was accepting of everything

         STECKLER stops talking. CARTER waits..

                     I had to kill her. She was rotten. And
                     like my MOTHER said - cut away the dead
                     wood or it will stop you doing what you
                     must do. The world is a better place
                     without her. You should understand
                     better than anyone.

         CARTER draws her legs up under herself.

                     You are the first person I have ever
                     told any of this to. We are birds of a
                     feather ELLEN...we're in the same league

                     I don't think so...This isn't a game you
                     know...There aren't points or leagues.
                     Sure I killed my husband - but I am no

                     You've killed but you're not a killer

                     That's right...Don't ever think that you
                     and I are the same - we're not even
                     remotely similar. I did what I had to do
                     for myself, for my own self preservation
                     - not to live out some bizarre role
                     playing fantasy. My husband was sick -

    96   CONTINUED (3):

                                  CARTER (CONT'D)
                     he beat me up - he abused me - and I
                     just snapped.

         There is a pause as CARTER gathers herself. STECKLER waits patiently
         wanting more...

                     Tell me how it happened...

                     Why should I?

                     Why not? Please - it would help me

         CARTER waits for a moment - then opens up

                     There's not much to tell - I had just
                     won my prize for the book - and he hated
                     me for it. He had hated the book, he
                     hated my success for so long - so he
                     decided to make my life hell. There are
                     things I can't tell you what he made me
                     do - things I couldn't tell anyone... I
                     wanted a divorce but he said he wouldn't
                     - then opportunity just popped up...He
                     was in the garage and I was in the
                     car...I just let the clutch up - he
                     couldn't get out of the way. I didn't
                     really mean to kill him -just teach him
                     a lesson - I guess if I had been
                     thinking straighter I wouldn't have done
                     it. I knew that if I was discovered I
                     would go to jail - even if it was
                     manslaughter I would do time - and any
                     time would have been too much - I've
                     seen what happens to people when they go
                     to prison - and what happens to them
                     when they get out. I wasn't going to be
                     one of them.

         It is a strange reversal, STECKLER listening to the confessions of a
         killer. Both feel something -

                     I knew I had to get rid of the body - so
                     I strung him up in the bath, slit his
                     throat and drained him - covered him in
                     salt - to avoid the rotting - and
                     bricked him up. Everyone believed me
                     when I told them he left the country - I

    96   CONTINUED (4):

                                  CARTER (CONT'D)
                     think they were glad he was gone.
                     Everyone except for that damn cop. He
                     knows. Somehow he just knows.

         STECKLER watches CARTER. There is love and tenderness in his eyes.

                     And I have never told THAT to anyone

         Both CARTER and STECKLER smile.

                     And how did it feel to be rid of him

                     Wonderful - like a great release - He
                     was a malignant cancer and I had to
                     remove him - the world is better without

         CARTERS smile fades. STECKLER looks at CARTER - their eyes do not break
         from each other as a silent message is transmitted...

    97   EXT DAY PARK - CARTER and STECKLER are walking through a huge London
         Park. The trees are spider like and bare - winter has really taken a

         There are a few other people around - joggers, business men on lunch,
         people just enjoying the break from the concrete nightmare surrounding
         this green haven.

         STECKLER stops and turns to CARTER.

                     There is something special about this
                     place - the green - in destruction there
                     is creation - flesh rots to fertilise
                     the ground for life to thrive on.

         CARTER and STECKLER stop. STECKLER points out a patch of ground in
         front of him, the grass slightly taller than everywhere else.

                     (Looking and thinking) What?


    97   CONTINUED:

                     That is my wife...Nothing ever dies - it
                     just changes. I changed my wife.

         CARTER fumbles in her bag and retrieves her camera.

                     I come here every so often - to pay my

         STECKLER turns to CARTER looking strangely different

                     I'm weary ELLEN - of holding everything
                     inside of me - that's why I need this
                     book - In a few weeks it will be over -
                     the police will have me - I will make
                     you a lot of money and your career will
                     be back on track -

         CARTER thinks about his comment before turning her attention to her
         camera to take a photo - STECKLER looks at her questioningly

                     For the book...

         We see down the lens of the camera, STECKLER stood on the grassy mound.
         CARTER focuses - then click. The image freezes in black and white.

    98   EXT DAY PARK - A bunch of pigeons fight over a few morsels of food.
         CARTER and STECKLER are sat on a park bench, STECKLER tossing pieces of
         bread to the pigeons.

         Across the way a BIG LAWYER sits, talking on a portable phone - a
         bottle of perrier in his other.

         CARTER has her camera and is taking a few portraits of STECKLER. She
         moves about looking for the best shot.

         The BIG LAWYER opposite cannot take his eyes off CARTERs legs and bum -
         it doesn't help as she is wearing a fairly short skirt... And when she
         bends over...

         The BIG LAWYER laughs down the phone - he is obviously telling the
         person on the other end of the line what he is doing.

         CARTER FINISHES her roll and sits back down.


    98   CONTINUED:

         STECKLER has finished with his bag of bread for the pigeons and looks
         over at a waste bin twenty yards away. He spots a can under the bench
         and stretches to pick it up...He stands and wanders over to the bin.

         CARTER wrestles with her camera which has jammed - but she finally gets
         it free. She takes out the film and pockets it.

         She looks up at the BIG LAWYER who is blatantly staring at her legs. He
         doesn't even look away when CARTER sees him.

         Suddenly from behind, STECKLER appears and leans over close to the BIG
         LAWYER. CARTER watches on.

         STECKLER leans close to the LAWYER and whispers in his ear. The LAWYERS
         face goes pale. Hurriedly he gathers his things and shuffles off.

         STECKLER smiles to CARTER as he wanders back - a 'Don't look at me'
         expression written all over his face.

         CARTER doesn't know how to react - grateful that her honour has been
         defended - but at the same time, wishes it was someone else.

         They walk off into the distance...

    99   INT NIGHT CARTERS ROOM - (WRITING MONTAGE) CARTER is writing furiously
         at her computer - we see her fingers working wonders - the letters just
         fly up on the screen. We see her with her head in her hands, desperate
         for inspiration - she fans herself with a piece of paper and STECKLER
         watches, mesmerised by the sensuous display - and then CARTER is typing
         furiously once more.

         Photos are printed and scanned onto computer - We see the printer
         printing out pages of script...

         At last ELLEN CARTER has begun writing once more... CARTER shuffles a
         pile of papers - ten pages or so and looks at the cover,

                     'The Secret Diary of Dr Leslie Raymond
                     Steckler - INTRODUCTION'

         She places them down and looks at a small black and white photo of a
         stern looking woman and a lost little boy - STECKLER and his MOTHER.

         She examines closely - almost obsessed...

         She places it down and begins writing, looking at the computer


    99   CONTINUED:

         CUT TO...

   100   INT NIGHT FORENSIC LAB - The fingerprint computer is still checking
         names and prints rapidly - FOSTER sits with her feet up and drinking a
         cup of tea as she patiently watches... A small figure says '43% done'.

   101   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - The camera is focussed once more - STECKLER sits
         in the familiar chair...

                     So tell me about your MOTHER

         STECKLER looks up a little shocked - that one came out of the blue

                     My mother...? (-) I never knew my real
                     MOTHER - I was adopted

                     Tell me about your adopted MOTHER

         STECKLER is firm lipped - he doesn't want to open up

                     I had to - I have to see the beginning -
                     (Firmly) now tell me about your MOTHER

         He doesn't answer for a long time -

                     My MOTHER didn't love me - she never
                     loved me - when I was fourteen I had a
                     pet rabbit - and I killed it, just to
                     see what my mother would do... She
                     bought me a goldfish and told me to stop
                     crying. Two days later she died in the

         CARTER is obviously shocked by this... There is a long pause.

                     You think I killed my MOTHER don't you?

                     Did you?


   101   CONTINUED:

                     My ADOPTED MOTHER - Whose house was so
                     cold I could see my breath in front of
                     my face, whose furniture was so
                     valuable, no-one could sit on it, whose
                     ornaments so rare, I couldn't have
                     school friends round...My mother, who
                     locked me in the attic when I was
                     naughty, who drove her husband to the
                     grave, who brought lovers home for
                     weekends in the country - she was filth
                     - Is that what you want me to say...
                     That I pushed her off the boat when she
                     drowned, who wouldn't throw her a life
                     buoy? Is that what you want me to say?
                     Is IT?

         STECKLER pauses for a long second - CARTER, moved by STECKLER
         torrential confession...

                     (Calmer) No...I didn't do it...I wish I
                     had but I didn't. I was beaten to it.
                     STEPHANIE became my mother.


                     My sister - My ADOPTED SISTER -

                     Did STEPHANIE kill your MOTHER?

                     STEPHANIE loved me - she got some
                     insurance money and took legal custody
                     of me - she was just old enough. We had
                     a ball for years - we could do anything,
                     anywhere, anyhow...And we did...We would
                     play games - she would be the
                     executioner and I would be the convict -
                     She would strap me into the arm chair
                     and pretend to electrocute me...

         STECKLER drops off into silence


   101   CONTINUED (2):

                     What was your relationship with

                     (Quietly) It was wrong - all my life I
                     have been cheated - cheated of anything
                     good - I shouldn't have been born - I
                     was a mistake - my natural mother was a
                     whore - that makes me...

         STECKLER is beginning to crack up.

                     I want it to stop - it all to stop...

                     Then make it stop...

         STECKLER looks up at CARTER - he believes in her...

   102   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - STECKLER sits at a table near the window, reading
         the book silently. CARTER sits nearby - nervous as hell. STECKLER turns
         the page.

         It's just too intense for CARTER - she gets up and goes to the kitchen.

   103   INT DAY KITCHEN - CARTER fills the kettle up and reaches for the sugar.
         She glances over her shoulder - STECKLER is still sat reading.

         Slowly she opens the sugar bowl - it is empty. For a moment she
         deliberates what to do - before reaching under the sink, to a remote
         spot, and retrieving the ANT POISON.

         At all time she nervously switches between what she is doing and where
         STECKLER is - her heart pounds as she fills the bowl up with sugar -
         and then mixes in the ant poison.

         She glances over her shoulder - STECKLER is stood only two feet away -
         CARTER jumps - STECKLER holds up the book

                     I need to talk to you...

         Unseen, CARTER manages to slip the ANT POISON into a drawer behind her.

   104   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - CARTER and STECKLER sit down, CARTER taking care
         of making the tea.

         STECKLER looks a different man - the intensity and lines from his
         forehead gone. He slumps in the chair rather than sits in an angular

         The two look at each other for a long time before curiosity gets the
         better of CARTER...


                     I know this sounds insane ELLEN, but...
                     Telling you all of this, writing the
                     book... It feels good. Don't get me
                     wrong - I feel like a weight is being
                     lifted from my shoulders... When I tell
                     you what I have done - I can't believe
                     it is me...Yet I know it was. This is
                     like a purging for me...

                     Psychiatrists would say that you are
                     confronting your demons

                     Demons... This wouldn't have been
                     possible without you... You have given
                     me incentive ELLEN - I can see clearer

         CARTER looks at STECKLER slightly differently - as a doctor would at a
         condemned patient who is showing miraculous signs of recovery.

         STECKLER sits up and puts sugar into his tea - CARTER watches - a mass
         of confused emotions.

                     What's wrong?

                     Nothing could be better...

         STECKLER takes a sip of his tea - it's sweet...

                     I really must cut down on sugar - it'll
                     be the death of me...

   105   EXT DAY STECKLERS SURGERY - It is a brisk winters day. The street is
         busy, the road packed with traffic.

         The figure of a biker hurtles between the cars, expertly weaving
         through them. It is MIK wearing her usual hip biker kit, but with a
         tight white top...

         She pulls up in front of the DENTISTS, grapples in her bag and
         retrieves a parcel. She looks up, checking the address - then smiles...

   106   INT DAY BUILDING FOYER - She enters the building, resting her bike up
         against the wall inside before running up the stairs.

   107   INT DAY DENTIST FOYER - MIK swaggers in and leans on the desk. The
         secretary is there.

                     Is DR. STECKLER here?

   108   INT DAY HALLWAY - MIK is leaning up against the wall when a door opens
         up at the end of the corridor. STECKLER walks out, his hands filled
         with bizarre instruments...

                     I thought it was you - how are you?

                     I'm good - I was just making a delivery
                     near here, so I thought I would see if
                     you were about...

                     Yes, come on in...

         There is a sudden whine of a dentists drill...

                     No, I can't I've got a million things to
                     deliver. I just wanted to say thank you
                     for the other night - I know it all got
                     a little out of hand...

         MIK suddenly feels very awkward...

                     Anyway - look, I have moved in with
                     DEKLAN now - it's a nice flat in a
                     shitty area - (Sarcastically) but hey,
                     Its home!

   108   CONTINUED:

                     That's good

                     I'd really like it if you would come
                     round some time - Then I could cook you
                     a meal - what do you say...

                     Yes, that would be nice - I'll call
                     round some time...

         MIK smiles...

                     Good - I've got to dash - (cautiously)
                     Say that I said hello to ELLEN for me
                     would you...

                     Yes - of course.

         MIK gives one last smile and turns to leave... STECKLER does not move
         and watches her as she leaves the building.

   109   INT DAY BUILDING FOYER - MIK bounces down the stairs, grabs her bike
         and exits. As she does so, she brushes up against someone entering...

         INSPECTOR TAYLOR looks up the stairs and begins his ascent...

   110   INT DAY DENTAL SURGERY - STECKLER is in his surgery with JANET
         examining X RAYS of teeth - The door opens and INSPECTOR pops his head

                     Dr STECKLER?


                     INSPECTOR DAVE TAYLOR - Scotland yard
                     (Produces ID)...Can I have a word?

         STECKLER turns to JANET - but she is quicker...


   110   CONTINUED:

                     I'll be outside.

         She exits...

                     How can I help SCOTLAND YARD then?

         STECKLER busies himself by washing his hands and sterilising his
         instruments as TAYLOR talks...

                     I believe you live with a MRS ELLEN

                     MRS? I thought her husband was dead

         TAYLOR'S eyebrow raises and he moves into the room...


                     Or was it, she wished he was dead -
                     that's it - I believe he left the
                     country with another woman - all rather

                     So she didn't mention anything more
                     about it?

                     No - she isn't in any trouble is she?

                     Oh no sir - just making some
                     enquiries...Just tell her that INSPECTOR
                     TAYLOR called on you - she'll understand

                     I'll be sure to...

         TAYLOR turns to exit...then stops and turns

                     Listen - whilst I'm here, I've been
                     having some problems with my back teeth
                     - you couldn't just take a look, see if
                     I need anything doing?

   110   CONTINUED (2):

                     I shouldn't really - I'm not your

                     Who said anything about surgery...It'll
                     only take a moment.

         STECKLER thinks to himself.

                     OK - just hop up...

         TAYLOR grins and climbs onto the dentists chair leaning back. STECKLER
         moves behind him. He takes TAYLOR'S head and moves his head right back,
         exposing his throat and mouth.

                     Now open wide...

         STECKLER looks down at his tray of weapons - a scalpel glistens at
         him... For a moment his hand hovers before he takes a probe and mirror.

         He inserts them in TAYLOR'S mouth and conducts his examination.

                     Mmm yes - there is a cavity here... Just
                     tell me if this hurts...

         Without any more warning, STECKLER jabs very hard on TAYLOR'S tooth...
         TAYLOR jumps and cries out in pain. STECKLER retracts his instruments
         and TAYLOR closes his mouth...

                     Bloody hell! Now I remember why I didn't
                     want to go to the dentist...

         He clambers from the chair...holding his mouth...

                     You really should have that filled...

         Once more, the painful sound of the drill from the surgery next door
         screams through...

                     Thanks for your time - DR STECKLER...


   110   CONTINUED (3):

         He turns on his heel and exits, nursing a very numb and sore mouth.

         STECKLER smiles to himself - serves him right.

   111   EXT NIGHT STAIRWAY - Once more, STECKLER is locking up his surgery. He
         descends the iron fire escape and into the alley way

   112   EXT NIGHT SHOP FRONT - STECKLERS eyes find a way to the shop front and
         the collection of the shop dummies - especially the one wearing the
         white dress... STECKLER hears a noise behind himself...

   113   EXT NIGHT ALLEYWAY - Once more the STREET PUNK is hassling a girl -
         STECKLER walks briskly up...

         The STREET PUNK has a knife in his left hand, his right bandaged - he
         demands her purse - but she won't give. Viscously he lashes out with
         the blade cutting the woman's leg - she shrieks out in pain before
         relinquishing her purse.

         The punk picks it up just as STECKLER moves out of the shadows -

         The PUNK turns round brandishing his blade...

                                  STREET PUNK
                     You got a prob...?

         STECKLER steps out of the shadows. The PUNK's face drops - without
         warning he spins on his heel and runs for his life...

         STECKLER smiles - amused by him. He turns his attention to the girl on
         the floor.

         STECKLER turns to the woman who is lying amongst some old card boxes,
         blood seeping out over her clothes from the cut on her leg...

         She looks up at STECKLER as though he were Lancelot...

                     I'm a doctor - my surgery is just around
                     the corner

   114   INT DAY STECKLERS SURGERY - The door opens into darkness as STECKLER
         helps the girl (MARY) in. An alarm beeper sounds. He flicks on the
         lights and the flourescents illuminate a cold and clinical room - a
         modern torture chamber for some.

   114   CONTINUED:

                     I'll just turn off the ALARM

         STECKLER disappears off around the corner and down a hallway, pulling
         keys from his pocket.

         MARY limps into the room - her eyes fixed on an array of tools, probes,
         scalpels - all bright silver and VERY nasty...

         The alarm sound stops... There is a distant crash of something falling
         to the floor...




                     (getting nervous) Hello?!

         Suddenly, STECKLER appears behind her, putting his hand on her shoulder
         - She jumps a little...

                     Sorry about that - lets get you up

         He helps her onto the chair. Blood freely seeps from a wound on her
         upper thigh.

                     I don't know how to thank you - I think
                     he was going to rape or kill me

                     If I were you, I'd stick to daylight and
                     wide open spaces from now on - lets get
                     this off.

         STECKLER helps the woman remove her jogging trousers. She winces and
         groans as he does so. STECKLER inspects the wound...

                     It's not bad - it looks a lot worse than
                     it is... You probably won't need


   114   CONTINUED (2):

         He takes a swab and wipes away the blood. The wound can clearly be seen
         and it looks pitifully small.

                     Is that it? Some war wound that turned
                     out to be

         STECKLER laughs...

         He takes a swab and makes her hold it on the wound.

                     This will stop it making too much of a

                     I'm terribly sorry...

                     Don't mention it...

         His eyes wander up her leg - to her pants - white and very skimpy... He
         takes an involuntary deep breath. Her rather unflattering position, one
         leg on and one leg off the chair strikes a sexual image that runs
         shivers down STECKLERS spine...

                     I'll call a taxi and make some tea while
                     you wait.

   115   INT NIGHT UTILITY ROOM - STECKLER stands in a plume of wild steam from
         the kettle spout. His eyes fixed and unmoving on his tool box - a
         hammer sits atop.

   116   INT NIGHT SURGERY - STECKLER enters with a tray and one cup of tea. He
         places it on the steel table next to the chair and the woman who has
         now covered herself up

         She looks up from her bloody wound and smiles

                     Thank you - but don't you want a cup?

         For a long time, STECKLER hovers behind her - not saying anything.


   116   CONTINUED:

                     No, I'm not thirsty thank you. I called
                     a taxi - they are very good here - he
                     should be here very...

         There is a beep beep outside. Both MARY and STECKLER smile at the
         timing. She stands

                     That's not too bad -

         She turns to STECKLER...

                     I don't know how to thank you - you have
                     been so kind - if only more people in
                     the world could be more like you...

         She moves closer and lightly kisses him on the cheek...She extends her

                     I'm MARY STANLEY - nice to meet you

                     (Smiles) LESLIE STECKLER...

         She turns and exits the surgery.

   117   EXT/INT NIGHT STREET/SURGERY - MARY climbs into the taxi and waves as
         it pulls away.

         STECKLER returns the wave.

         He turns and walks over to his chair and lies back in it - a little
         like a psychiatrists chair. He sips her tea. Slowly he raises his arm
         up - he is holding the hammer. He rests it on his chest.

         FADE TO BLACK

   118   EXT DAY SHOP FRONT - We see the shop front. Slowly we move into the
         window which has the three dummies display. The centre dummy which was
         wearing the white dress is being undressed by a shop assistant.

   119   INT NIGHT LIVING ROOM - Cut to a huge close up of the TV screen.
         STECKLER cannot speak - something holds him back - we move from the
         camera to him -

   119   CONTINUED:

                     Turn it off - I can't handle that thing

         CARTER turns off the machine - she senses something is different -
         STECKLER moves forward, craving human intimacy...

                     What's wrong?

                     I am ashamed of what I have done ELLEN.
                     When I read what you had written it made
                     me think - look into myself - I haven't
                     dared look into myself for a long time -
                     I have stopped ELLEN, I can't carry on -
                     I won't carry on. All I want is to start
                     a new life - I want a second
                     chance...You are good to me - you don't
                     condescend, you're intelligent, and very

         CARTER listens on - not moving at all...

                     You don't disappoint or let me down
                     ELLEN. I want the woman who helped me
                     put the past behind me by my side - if
                     she will have me for the short time I
                     have left.

         CARTER sits silent and dumfounded.

         STECKLER produces a large box, gift wrapped. He passes it to CARTER -

                     What is it?

                     Open it...

         With trepidation CARTER opens the box. She discovers the white dress
         from the shop window, beautifully folded, with a pair of matching

                     You want me to wear this for you?


   119   CONTINUED (2):


                     You want me to wear white for you? You
                     must be madder than I thought...

                     But ELLEN, I told you I have stopped...

                     But for how long - what will set you off
                     again? You'll be walking down the street
                     and some girl will be wearing a white
                     hat - and that will be it - back on the
                     merry go round...

         CARTER stands - completely engulfed in disbelief and anger...

                     You can't just flush your past down the
                     toilet of life - you want a second
                     chance - what about the girls you killed
                     - did they have a second chance - No -
                     because you killed them. And I'm good to
                     you - I don't condescend, and don't let
                     you down. You know why LESLIE - because
                     you've got me by the short and curlies -
                     I don't have a choice, either I go to
                     jail or to the grave! In answer to your
                     question LESLIE - No I won't have you.

         She picks up the package and tosses it back to STECKLER. The contents
         spill out all over the floor.

         CARTER storms out to the kitchen.

         STECKLER slowly retrieves all his gifts, replacing them in the box - he
         is deeply hurt.

   120   INT NIGHT KITCHEN - CARTER is shaking - she quickly lights a cigarette
         to calm her.

         STECKLER walks out of the LIVING ROOM and collects his jacket from
         behind the door....


   120   CONTINUED:

         Suddenly hit by doubt and worry, CARTER turns to him as he exits...

                     Where are you going?

                     Out - I may be some time

         STECKLER leaves...

                     Wait LESLIE...I...I...

   121   INT NIGHT CARTERS BEDROOM - CARTER is sat at her desk flipping through
         notes. A huge pile is stacked by her, the word RESEARCH scribbled
         across it - and a bottle of vodka to it's side.

         She sits back, reading a photocopy of a newspaper article titled, "WHAT

         She looks at the photos of modern mass murderers - sketches of others.
         One in particular grabs her eye... The inscription below reads "The
         French 'Hillside Slasher'

         CARTERS eyes wander down the article...

                                  CARTERS VOICE
                     "...and what of those killers which
                     stopped? there have been many documented
                     serial killers who merely ended their
                     reign of terror - Jack The Ripper being
                     one of the most sensational. Others the
                     French Hillside Slasher - took nineteen
                     lives then mysteriously stopped. What
                     happened to him - did he die, was he
                     arrested and jailed for other charges,
                     did he leave the country - or was his
                     carnal need fulfilled - his anger
                     discharged? Only he will ever know..."

         CARTER looks up from her article thinking.

   122   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - The front door slams and STECKLER briskly walks
         into the kitchen, pausing only to hang his jacket up.

         CARTER walks down the stairs.

   123   INT KITCHEN NIGHT - STECKLER is washing his hands in the kitchen sink
         when CARTER enters from behind. She leans up against the door frame -
         pausing for the right moment to speak.

                     We've got nothing to talk about

                     LESLIE I'm sorry - I - I didn't know
                     what to think

         STECKLER turns round

                     I thought we had a relationship built on
                     trust - and you just slap me in the

                     (Long pause) I am sorry...

         There is a long pause as STECKLER shuffles his feet, looking at the
         floor like a little lost boy.

                     LESLIE? (He looks up) Is that good

                     Yes - I suppose so...

         The tension breaks

                     It's late and I've had too much to
                     drink. I can't think straight now -
                     we'll talk about it in the morning...

         CARTER turns and walks out...


         CARTER turns back

                     I have stopped - you must believe me

         A smile breaks out on CARTERS face


   123   CONTINUED:

                     Yes - I believe I do...

         She turns and walks back out ... STECKLER watches - his face shows long
         furrowed lines of familiar stress...

   124   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - CARTER walks into the hallway and is about to walk
         upstairs when she spots STECKLERS jacket crumpled on the floor - it
         must have fallen from the hook.

         She leans over to pick it up - but as she does so, she notices
         something on the floor underneath.

         She leans over and picks up a pair of biker glasses, cracked...They are
         MIK's glasses!

         CARTER RUMMAGES in STECKLERS pocket and withdraws a handkerchief -
         covered in blood.

         CARTERS eyes widen in horror - she was so close to believing it all -
         and she would have probably been persuaded to wear the dress... And
         what would have happened to her?

         STECKLER shuffles about in the kitchen before walking into the LIVING
         ROOM - the TV turns on.

         She places the coat back on the hook - a panic running through her.
         What can she do?

         She regains her composure.

         Slowly she moves over to the telephone and gently picks up the
         receiver. She keeps her eye on the LIVING ROOM door at all times - not
         daring to breathe.

         She flips open her address book and looks up the name DEKLAN. Sure
         enough it is there with MIK's Fella scrawled after it.

         She dials the number and waits for it to ring, and ring, and ring - but
         no-one answers.

         CARTER holds the phone to her chest - she was nearly so very wrong...

   125   INT NIGHT CARTERS BEDROOM - CARTER lies asleep in her bed - the
         moonlight picking out the curves of her body. She is sweaty and looks
         like she has been very restless...


   125   CONTINUED:

         There is a quiet picking at the door before it silently swings open.
         STECKLER is stood there in his vest and trousers. He steps into the
         moonlight, his eyes black...

         He leans close to CARTER, caressing her body - an inch above her skin.
         He knows he cannot touch her though.

         As silently as he had entered, he leaves.

         As the door clicks shut, CARTERS eyes flicker open - there is a loud
         click from near her head as we see her gun which she grips firmly under
         her pillow.

         She sits up, looking round. She clambers out of the bed and slips on
         her jeans and a jumper. She jams her gun into her belt, grabs a jacket
         and opens the window.

         Slowly she climbs out, slipping and sliding, but just managing to hold
         on. She clambers down the drain pipe and is on ground level in a flash.

   126   EXT NIGHT TOWER BLOCK - The night is cold - the streets deserted.
         CARTER appears outside a huge block of flats - an urban monstrosity.

         She checks a piece of paper and looks upwards at them.

   127   EXT NIGHT CORRIDOR - CARTER walks along an external corridor, looking
         for flat number 80... She finds it.

         On the door the sign "MIK and DEKLAN" is written in colorful lettering.
         CARTER knocks on the door, but as expected there is no answer.

         She takes a torch from her back pocket and shines it in through the
         letter box, trying to see in. She looks through a small window at the
         side of the door. She can't see much, just a table overturned. But it's

         She looks round and finds a brick. She heaves it and crashes it through
         the window. She leans her arm in and unlatches the door from the

   128   INT NIGHT MIK and DEKLAN'S FLAT - CARTER shuts the door behind her and
         switches on the lights. She walks past a photo of HERSELF and MIK taken
         last year - the TV still buzzes silently.

         As she had seen, a table is overturned...And a chair.


   128   CONTINUED:

         She moves further into the room - suddenly she sees it, her hand
         involuntarily clasping her mouth.

         A large pool of blood stains the light carpet - an electric knife lying
         at its side, dried blood dulls it's blade.

   129   EXT NIGHT GARDEN - STECKLER is stood in the garden, a fire raging
         before him. At his feet is a box filled with press clippings, articles,
         paper...And video tapes, computer disks.

         He picks up the fist lot - a computer disk titled, 'Introduction'...He
         tosses it on the fire. He takes the pages of ELLEN'S book, looks at
         them before sending them on their way.

         He watches the flames as he pulls the tape from video cassettes -
         eventually sending them to the conflagration...

   130   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - CARTER silently lets herself back in at 66 ACACIA
         AVENUE. Slowly she moves through the house and to the stairs when she
         notices a slight flickering on the walls of the room.

         She moves over to the window to take a look out back...

         To her horror she sees STECKLER filling in a hole in the garden. He
         digs hard with his spade and his job is almost done. A small fire
         flickers and STECKLER goes over to it, dropping some paper onto it.

         Suddenly he turns and walks straight for the house and the doorway.
         CARTER panics, not knowing what to do. She looks round for somewhere to
         hide -

         STECKLER is still advancing...

         And it is too late, the door opens and STECKLER enters with the spade
         in his hand.

         He closes the door behind himself - CARTER is nowhere to be seen.
         STECKLER places the spade down and opens the fridge, taking out a
         bottle of milk.

         The light illuminates the area - AND CARTER, who is hiding close up to
         a cupboard - her eyes are wide as she is frozen to the spot.

         STECKLER closes the fridge door and slowly exits, walking up the


   130   CONTINUED:

         CARTER takes a silent, but deep breath...

   131   EXT DAY STREET - CARTER, dressed in jeans and a jacket walks
         determinedly down a street, packed with people. There is a resolution
         about herself...

   132   EXT DAY PUBLIC LOOS - CARTER enters some public loos

   133   INT DAY LOO'S - CARTER enters one of the little cubicles. Once inside
         she begins to strip off - and changes into a bright and skimpy dress
         with black tights, stilettoes. She dons heavy make-up and wears a pair
         of brightly coloured glasses. She looks VERY GIRLIE.

         Satisfied, she picks up her bag and exits.

   134   EXT DAY BANK - CARTER arrives in her 'costume' outside the bank. She
         checks a piece of paper - a bank statement with a curious logo (The
         same one that she found in STECKLER'S box).

         She enters.

   135   INT DAY BANK MANAGERS OFFICE - CARTER sits before the bank manager.

                     You see, I am writing this article for
                     CHIC MAGAZINE

                     (never heard of it) CHIC MAGAZINE?

                     Yes - it's about bank safety deposit
                     boxes - I wonder if you might just
                     explain how they work - and maybe even
                     show me round.

         The MANAGER smiles nervously - she is a good looking girl... He takes
         off his glasses and pockets them...

                     Well MISS TANDY - It's not our policy to
                     show people round - but if you were a
                     potential client - that would be a
                     different matter...


   135   CONTINUED:

                     When could I look round?

                     Well, if you could come sometime just
                     before we close, then I could show you
                     everything and (Going for it) then we
                     could go for a drink to discuss the
                     finer points...

         CARTER pauses for a moment - her face expressionless... The MANAGERS
         smile begins to fade when suddenly CARTER smiles broadly...

                     That's very kind of you MR GRIFFITHS...?


                     But - If you could show me round now -
                     and I'll meet you later?

         The MANAGER is about to object when CARTER crosses her legs - exposing
         a tantalising bit of thigh - the MANAGER is caught, hook line and

   136   INT DAY VAULT - CARTER and he stand in the vault, a vast array of
         safety deposit boxes reach high up above.

                     This is our demonstration box

         He smiles confidently as if he were demonstrating something really cool
         and hip...

                     And these are the keys - one for you -
                     and one for me

         He passes CARTER one.

                     We insert together - and out it comes

         They both laugh as the box comes out of the wall - she's fully aware of
         his game and playing along with it.

   137   INT DAY VIEWING ROOM - The MANAGER and CARTER step into a cramped
         viewing room with a small table...

                     And this is where the client can view
                     their contents in private...

         She brushes lightly over the MANAGER

                     Its cramped in here isn't it BRIAN

                     (Clears throat) Yes it is...

                     Tell me BRIAN, what would happen if the
                     client lost the key?

                     Then we would have to call in our
                     locksmith to break the lock

                     So there is only one key...

                     That's right...

                     And it can't be forged?

                     I didn't say that - I'm sure it could
                     be, but our clients must sign in first,
                     checking signatures, and a photo ident -
                     we had a nasty theft two years ago and
                     we've been very strict since then.

         The MANAGER is obviously getting rather aroused - he glances at his
         watch...CARTER is distant and in serious thought

                     I could get my secretary to cover for me
                     this afternoon - If you want to go
                     someplace now - it would save you coming

         CARTER resumes her act...


   137   CONTINUED:

                     Yes, I'm sure you could - but I can't
                     risk you loosing your job

                     No -it's no problem - I do it all the

                     All the time?

                     No - not all the time - I mean

                     I know what you mean - I'll meet you at
                     VINNIES WINE BAR at six if you like. And
                     don't make any plans for this evening...

         The manager is speechless...

   138   EXT DAY BANK - CARTER walks out of the bank. The MANAGER stands in the
         doorway like a blood hound waiting for it's mistress to return.

         CARTER hurriedly disappears around the corner.

   139   EXT DAY 66 ACACIA AVENUE - CARTER runs along the street, changed back
         into her jeans and jacket. She runs up the drive to the front door.

   140   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - CARTER walks into the LIVING ROOM and stops dead
         in her tracks...

         STECKLER is having a cup of tea with INSPECTOR TAYLOR!

                     Hello ELLEN - looks like your doin' some
                     more interior decorating!

         STECKLER passes the cup of tea to TAYLOR


                     Yes - one please.


   140   CONTINUED:

         CARTER can do nothing but watch as STECKLER takes a teaspoonful of
         sugar (And arsenic) and dunk it into TAYLOR'S cup.

                     ELLEN, would you like a cup - there's
                     plenty in the pot

                     No thanks - (looking at TAYLOR)

         CARTER is confused and worried - why is he here? What has STECKLER told

                     INSPECTOR TAYLOR has told me that you
                     are connected with that killer - the
                     WHITE GHOST...

         STECKLER gives CARTER a funny look as TAYLOR isn't looking

                     (Correcting) ANGEL...

                     Yes, sorry - He's here to make sure that
                     you are alright

                     (Calmly) I know why he's here

         For the briefest moment, CARTER looks like she is going to spill the
         beans to TAYLOR - STECKLER shuffles nervously on the spot

                     I'd watch her mate - she has thing for
                     men - they disappear near her.

                     I think you had better leave

                     First finish your tea...

                     He doesn't need to...

                     (To STECKLER) Do you think she doesn't
                     like me


         TAYLOR gulps down his tea - CARTER sighs resignedly. TAYLOR begins to
         walk out...

                     If you need me, you know where I am...

         TAYLOR closes the door behind himself... CARTER turns to STECKLER.

                     You like playing with fire don't you

         STECKLER passes CARTER a cup of tea - habitually she takes it.

                     Why did you let him in?

                     What was I supposed to do?

         CARTER takes his point - she takes a sip of her tea. He turns his back
         to her - obviously examining something

                     It's got sugar in - you don't mind?

         CARTER freezes

                     I don't like sugar

                     There isn't that much - you didn't even
                     taste it - What's wrong - don't you like
                     my tea?

                     It's not that - I just don't want any

                     Why whats wrong with the sugar -

         STECKLER turns round - the tin of ant poison in his hand - he reads the
         ingredients as if were a cake mix -

                     42% pentathanol, 31% crysonal and 8.5%
                     Arsenic... This was really very crude
                     ELLEN - I tasted it straight away - I'm
                     very familiar with arsenic - small doses
                     over a long period of time mount up and
                     eventually incapacitate the victim - Why
                     did you want to incapacitate me ELLEN?

   140   CONTINUED (3):

                                  STECKLER (CONT'D)
                     (Shouting) WHY!!!

         CARTER jumps at STECKLER'S violent outburst...

                     I haven't been using it recently LESLIE

                     CRAP! - I wish I had taken a photo of
                     your face when I gave some to that
                     DETECTIVE - What's wrong ELLEN - you
                     look pale - maybe you have been eating
                     the wrong kind of foods lately - it
                     could be food poisoning?

         CARTER suddenly feels sweaty and sickened - she involuntarily takes a
         deep breath, holding her throat...

         STECKLER lurches for CARTER grabbing her by the throat and holding her

                     I thought you believed me! Oh don't
                     worry ELLEN, I poured the Ant poison
                     down the drain - I just wanted you to
                     know what it felt like when I found out
                     - unpleasant isn't it?

         CARTER RUMMAGES in her bag, pulling out her kitchen knife she has kept
         with her....

         She is absolutely bubbling with anger - but she channels.

         She holds the knife to STECKLER'S throat - STECKLER loosens his grip on
         CARTER - she looks real mad - almost insane...

                     (Whispering) I could kill you now -
                     no-one would ever know - I would have
                     won already - unpleasant isn't it...

         CARTER breaks away - the tension leaving - she drops the knife to the

         STECKLER is shaking now - but he still manages a defiant remark...


   140   CONTINUED (4):

                     You couldn't do it - It's not because
                     you can't kill - it's the not knowing -
                     if the bank would send my package - what
                     would you do when the police come

         CARTER turns on the spot -

                     Don't be so sure...

         CARTER exits... STECKLER calling out behind her - suddenly unsure of
         his position...

                     (Turns and steps forward) I love you
                     ELLEN, I would never hurt you.

   141   INT NIGHT FORENSIC LAB - The computer is still ticking down - like a
         time bomb... The screen reads '67% done'.

   142   INT MORNING HALLWAY - CARTER exits her bedroom and walks to the
         bathroom. She is a mess, her hair unkempt - she looks like she has been
         driven over by a bus.

         The sound of STECKLER having a shower can be heard. She walks past the
         bathroom, glancing at it. The door is slightly open. She spots STECKLER
         stood behind the curtain - showering.

         Then she spots it - her last chance for salvation. The key - the bank
         key! It's hanging from the razor light of the wall.

   143   INT DAY CARTERS BEDROOM - CARTER enters her bedroom and closes the door
         behind her. She rummages on top of her cabinet and finds what she is
         looking for - an tiny, odd looking metal case which opens up to reveal
         two slabs of putty

         She turns round and throws off her robe and crumpled bed shirt - She
         RUMMAGES through her drawers - her hand hovers over a white shirt
         before she decides for a striped shirt - light in colour, but not
         white. She slips it on - it is very tight and low cut - sexy but not
         too provocative.

         She puts her robe back on and pauses for a beat - she takes a long hard

   144   INT DAY BATHROOM - CARTER enters the bathroom - she stops dead in her
         tracks, surprised. STECKLER stands in the shower - totally naked.

                     Oh - I'm sorry - I didn't realise you

         CARTER involuntarily glances at the key - STECKLER is frozen to the

         CARTER turns to exit - but stops...

                     LESLIE - About you and me - I've been
                     thinking about what you said...

         She turns back to STECKLER - he is still rooted to the spot. She
         advances on him...Her bath robe loosened provocatively...

         Still STECKLER does not move -

                     Maybe I have been fooling myself - I
                     really don't know...

         She waits for a reply - but none comes - STECKLER still silent in the
         shower, water splashing off his face... He is like a teenager on a
         first date - and its getting hot and heavy way too fast...

         CARTER realises she is going to have to take the lead - She takes
         another step forward, loosening her robe until it drops to the floor -
         her long slender legs are completely exposed, STECKLER glances down.
         CARTER smiles as she lifts her arm up to touch STECKLER'S face - he
         winces as she does so, but CARTERs touch is soothing...

                     What do you say...

         CARTER glances at the key - it is directly adjacent - somehow she is
         going to have to get his back turned to the key...

         In her left hand the small metallic case nestles unseen.

         CARTER steps into the bath tub - into the shower.

         STECKLER is wide eyed - he hesitates before kissing her - it is awkward
         and rather unimpassioned...

         STECKLER draws back, looking at CARTER - she smiles at him. He moves to
         kiss her again, but CARTER diverts his kiss to her neck... SUDDENLY,
         STECKLER gives in, he begins kissing and licking her neck

   144   CONTINUED:

         CARTER reaches out for the key - but can't quiet reach - she pushes her
         body up against him, so as to get closer to the key...

         Her hands reach out further and she clasps the chain... Quickly she
         opens up the case and makes two impressions of the key in the putty -
         water splashes everywhere as STECKLER becomes more aroused.

         Slowly CARTER closes the case and slips it in between a plant pot and
         the wall on a shelf.

         She reaches out with the key - she is just about to replace it when
         STECKLER pushes her backwards, looking her in the eye - he kisses her
         passionately on the mouth and she has no choice but to give in. Slowly
         she tries to edge her way back, STECKLER'S hands all over her body, her
         back... Her breasts... Her shirt clings to her soaked body as STECKLER
         moves down on her...Kissing her tummy, his hands caressing her rear...

         She reaches harder - but still cannot get the key to its hook...

         STECKLER'S hands move up CARTERs inner thigh - higher - higher - her
         eyes widen as she makes a herculean effort - and gets the key on it's

         Instantly she moves back - anxious not to look too obvious, yet trying
         to get him off her as quick as she can.

         She takes his hands, kissing them - he forces to her breast, but slowly
         she pulls away, smiling to him... She steps from the shower...

         STECKLER is absolutely dumbstruck -

                     whats wrong...what have I done wrong?

                     Nothing LESLIE - I just think we should

                     (Exploding) WAIT FOR WHAT!?

         CARTER jumps at STECKLER'S outburst...

                     WHAT DO YOU WANT!? IT'S NOT FAIR!!

         CARTER is obviously scared - but she tries her best...


   144   CONTINUED (2):

                     LESLIE?! that's not the way grown adults
                     act -

         She steps forward - she takes a towel and dries him...

                     they understand each other - the time
                     isn't right - tonight will be right - I
                     have some woman things to take care of
                     before we do anything.

         STECKLER looks confused...

                     Tonight will be the night - (Mothering)
                     Now get dressed and get off to work

         STECKLER obeys and begins drying himself off...

         CARTER exits. STECKLER stands in the shower for a moment before
         climbing out and grasping his key, putting it round his neck. He looks
         at the steamed up mirror and wipes a tiny bit away - he looks at his

   145   EXT DAY 66 ACACIA AVENUE - CARTER stands at the front door as STECKLER
         leaves, pulling out of the drive...

         She smiles and waves goodbye - he waves back... And then he is gone
         down the street. CARTERS smile soon disappears...

   146   INT DAY HALLWAY/BATHROOM - She enters the bathroom and snatches the key
         imprints from the shelf - she examines them - two perfect

         CARTER digging out old clothes, she gets a letter from STECKLER'S room
         and practices forging STECKLER'S wife's signature. She files down a
         blank key from the impression that was left in the putty, she looks at
         photos of STECKLER'S wife, she tries a wig on...Different clothes...

         large knife down the side of the settee. She checks her gun, making
         sure everything works. She hides a bullet clip on top of a dresser in
         the living room...

   149   INT DAY CARTERS ROOM - (KITTING UP MONTAGE) CARTER puts heavy make-up
         on, looking at a photo of STECKLER and his wife. She changes into
         clothes which look similar and puts the wig on. Finally, she puts a
         pair of dark sunglasses on...

   150   EXT DAY 66 ACACIA AVENUE - For all intents and purpose, MRS L STECKLER
         leaves the house...

   151   EXT DAY BANK - CARTER appears outside the bank - takes a deep breath
         and walks in.

   152   INT DAY BANK FOYER - Once inside the bank, CARTER is plunged into a
         tunnel. Her heart pounds, everyone moves in slow motion, there is
         silence aside from the pounding of her heart and her own heavy

         She sees guards which she didn't see last time.

         Everyone is looking at her - or are they?

         Slowly she walks toward the counter and the TELLER GIRL.

                                  TELLER GIRL
                     May I help you?

         CARTER does not answer - she is fighting the urge to turn and leave

                                  TELLER GIRL
                     May I help you?

         CARTER speaks up, in a perfect English voice...

                     (Producing key) Yes, I would like to
                     open my safety deposit box please. My
                     name is ANGELA STECKLER, MRS...

         The girl takes the key and scribbles down her name.

                                  TELLER GIRL
                     One moment please.

         She disappears across the room. CARTER looks round at the bank, the
         doors, the cameras, the alarms...

         She looks over to where the girl went. To her horror, she sees her
         talking to the manager. The manager nods to the girl and looks over at
         CARTER. CARTER instantly looks away, adjusting her glasses. Maybe she
         should cut her losses and run.

   152   CONTINUED:

         But it's too late - the manager is walking over.

                     Hello MRS STECKLER - we haven't seen you
                     for a long time

                     No - I've been abroad for a long time...

         The manager busies himself with paperwork...

                     There have been some changes since you
                     were last here - we now require a

         The manager produces a pen and form - waiting for CARTER to sign - he
         obviously thinks something is wrong...

                     I shouldn't say this - but you really
                     remind me of someone I know

                     Oh really - you must remember me from
                     when I was a regular customer.

                     I wasn't a manager here then MRS
                     STECKLER - don't you remember?

                     I'm terribly sorry - I have a bad

         CARTER takes the pen and produces a signature.

                     No - it's someone I met recently...

         The manager picks it up, smiling. He compares it with the specimen
         signature he has - he examines for what seems to be an age...

         He then checks a passport size photo against CARTER...

                     Could you remove your sunglasses please?


   152   CONTINUED (2):

         Slowly, CARTER removes her sunglasses - looking him squarely in the
         face. The manager looks down at the photo once more...

                     Fine - could you follow me MRS STECKLER

         The MANAGER leads her round to a big steel door which he opens. CARTER
         realises that she is effectively walking into a prison - but she has no

   153   INT DAY DEPOSIT BANK - The manager takes both keys and locates the
         safety deposit box. He looks at CARTERS key

                     This must be one of the old keys -

                     Yes - I have had it for years.

         The manager slots the keys into the keyhole and slowly turns. CARTERS
         hair is standing on end - will the key work.

         There is a little resistance before - CLICK...

         The MANAGER smiles at CARTER.

   154   INT DAY VIEWING CUBICLE - CARTER puts the box on the desk in her
         private viewing room and eagerly opens it up.

         As she had hoped, there is a map, a polaroid etc inside. There are also
         more grisly items - small bottles with body parts embalmed in them...

         She empties the entire contents into her bag...

   155   EXT DAY BRIDGE - CARTER walks across a bridge which spans a river. She
         pauses for a beat before glancing each way - its clear - she picks up
         two bricks, dumping them in the bag. She feels the weight before
         heaving it over the side and tossing it into the river

         ...It disappears without trace

   156   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - The doorway opens and STECKLER steps in, holding a
         bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine...


   156   CONTINUED:

         Confused, STECKLER tries to switch on the lights - but they don't work.
         He enters, light from outside lamps casting huge shadows...

                     ELLEN? ELLEN, I'm home...

         But there is no answer... Confused, he places the wine down on a table
         and continues into the house...

                     ELLEN, are you there?

         There is a slight noise coming from the kitchen - and light too.
         STECKLER heads for it.

   157   INT NIGHT KITCHEN - STECKLER steps into the kitchen doorway. There is a
         woman with her back turned to him doing house work...

         Slowly, the woman turns round. STECKLER'S face is filled with fright as
         he sees his wife -

                     ANGELA? It can't be - I killed you...

         CARTER raises the gun, pulling the wig off

         Without warning, she lets fly several rounds - but the gun jams.
         STECKLER is hit, squarely in the shoulder, blood spraying all over the

         He falls back into the darkness.

         CARTER wrestles with the gun - finally getting it to cock. She moves
         swiftly to the door where STECKLER'S body lay - but he is gone.
         Suddenly, the shadows hold more than fear - they hold steckler...

         As if on cue - the kitchen light goes out - CARTER is left in the
         darkness - her heart pounding.

                                  VOICE OF STECKLER
                     ELLEN - Why are you trying to hurt me!
                     Why? Have you gone mad?

                     (Screaming) Shut up you sick fuck!

         She steps forward, becoming the hunter...


   157   CONTINUED:

                     I don't want either of us to come to any
                     harm - please...

                     You killed my friend!

         CARTER suddenly sees STECKLER in the shadows - aims and fires a full
         clip at him...

         The mirror shatters - CARTER realises she was shooting at a reflection.
         She ejects the clip and nervously inserts the next...

         Her body is trembling with fear.

                     Please ELLEN - put the gun down...

         She walks down the hallway - each step feeling like a million miles.

   158   INT NIGHT KITCHEN - We see a hand grip around a pair of scissors...
         STECKLER doesn't look too good - blood and sweat streaked. He opens a
         cupboard and RUMMAGES around. He finds what he needs, some pain
         killers. He unscrews the jar, cracking open several tablets and pouring
         the powder onto his hand.

         He rubs it into his shoulder wound - he SCREAMS OUT IN MORTAL AGONY -

   159   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - CARTER spins round, pointing the gun. She is
         suddenly completely afraid - her breathing is laboured, if she doesn't
         calm down, she's going to give herself away...

         She waits... SIlence...

         Suddenly, STECKLER hurls himself from the darkness at CARTER - her gun
         is knocked from her hand and spins off behind her...

         STECKLER lands heavily on her - his eyes wild. They tumble BACKWARDS,
         brawling on the floor. CARTER screams out in pain as her leg doubles
         over, a loud cracking sound can be heard.

         Her hands grapple in the darkness and she finds a door stop.

         She grabs it, swinging it hard and hitting STECKLER on the head.
         STECKLER slumps backward, dazed but alive...


   159   CONTINUED:

         CARTER drags herself back to the shadows where the gun fell.

         She searches for it - discovering it under a small telephone stool.

         She snatches it, cocking it.

         STECKLER looks up and sees CARTER with the gun. With incredible agility
         and silence, he leaps for the doorway and is back in the shadows before
         CARTER can aim.

         CARTER points the gun out - her back to the wall. For the moment she is
         relatively safe...But only for the moment.

         She bends her leg back, fighting to contain the pain.

         She grapples with the gun once more - it is jammed. She ejects the
         unspent bullet to the floor. Her clip is now empty. She ejects it and
         discovers the reason for the jam - the clips spring hangs out
         loosely... she has no bullets left!

   160   INT NIGHT LIVING ROOM - CARTER crawls into the LIVING ROOM, to the
         cabinet on top of which she hid the last clip.

         She tries to climb up to reach it, but she cannot.

         She looks round - the settee - she plunges her arm down and retrieves
         the knife. She sits back to take a breath - at all times looking round.
         She looks into the kitchen and spots the empty clip she used earlier.

         She looks round at the telephone stool - and spots the unused bullet
         she ejected.

         She has an idea, 1+1=2...She slides the knife into her pocket like a

   161   INT NIGHT CARTERS ROOM - We see the white of CARTERS dress which
         STECKLER had bought for her - a droplet of blood falls onto it. We pull
         wider to reveal stockings, stilettoes and a hat...All neatly arranged
         on the bed in the form of a woman lying down.

         STECKLER stands above it - blood dripping down his arm which grasps a
         pair of scissors...

   162   INT NIGHT HALLWAY - CARTER fumbles for the bullet on the floor. She
         grasps it and instantly begins to crawl to the kitchen - to the bullet
         clip and her only hope.

   163   INT NIGHT CARTER ROOM - STECKLER is stood over the bed. Slowly he looks
         over his shoulder...

   164   INT NIGHT KITCHEN - CARTER has made it to the kitchen. She rests up
         against the cabinet and fumbles with the clip.

         there is a movement in front of her - way down the hall. She sees
         STECKLER - the glint of scissors in his hand. His grip tightens as he
         begins to walk toward her...

         She fumbles with the bullet, getting it into the clip... But it wont
         go... She begins to climb to her feet..

         STECKLER begins to walk faster...

         The bullet slips in and CARTER rams the clip into the gun, standing
         erect with the aid of the cabinet behind...

         STECKLER is getting closer and moving faster - his eyes wild

         CARTER racks the gun, but it jams - she looks up in horror - STECKLER
         is almost upon her... She racks harder...Tears of frustration and
         terror in her eyes.

                     (To gun) COME ON!!!

         The gun goes off, hitting CARTER in her leg. A huge gout of blood
         spatters to the floor...She screams in pain - STECKLER in anger!!!

         And it is too late - STECKLER is upon her...

         HE crashes into her, grabbing her by the lapels and she drops the gun.
         He looks at her sympathetically before kissing her. CARTER offers no
         resistance - she is a beaten woman.

                     I loved you ELLEN - why did you do this?

                     It's what you would do to me

         CARTER remembers the knife in her pocket. Her fingers slide around the
         handle and she pulls it out. She stabs STECKLER in the back, but it
         doesn't go in very far. STECKLER winces in pain - then smiles...

                     (Smiling) Pain is an illusion...


   164   CONTINUED:

         STECKLER steps back, bringing up the scissors. CARTER sees her moment,
         his feet tangled in the rug below.

         She raises her arm - STECKLER confused. She caresses his face gently
         before giving him a slight push backwards. STECKLER tries to balance
         himself, but his feet won't let him...

         He begins to topple backwards, his arms flailing out for something to
         grab onto - but there is nothing. With gathering speed, he falls back -
         arcing like a huge statue...

         The knife still in his back impacts with the floor and is driven right
         though his body.

         STECKLER'S body twitches life ebbs away.

         CARTER slumps to the floor - her vision blurring. She passes out.

   165   INT NIGHT HOSPITAL - CARTERs eyes flicker open. Her face has been
         cleaned as she rests on white hospital pillows and sheets. She looks up
         seeing the round examination light above - her focus clears and she

         She realises that she is in no hospital - she is strapped into her own
         living room chair which has been dragged into the kitchen. Her wound
         has been dressed and cleaned - but her waist, ankles and wrists are
         bound. And she is wearing the white dress, blood smeared and dirty

         The door swings open and STECKLER shuffles in - the image of death and
         evil incarnate. His face is pale, smeared with bizarre make-up,
         eyeshadow, blusher and mascara - an image of pathetic misguided
         sexuality. He is drained of blood, his shirt red and clammy.

         He carries a bizarre canister and some silver tools which CARTER seems
         to recognise. She realises that they are the dentistry tools STECKLER
         had in his room...

         CARTER writhes - but she is firmly strapped.

         STECKLER shuffles over, his head moving loosely on his shoulders.

         CARTER manages to get a finger free on her right hand...She gently
         works on a second...

         STECKLER smiles to her, his voice is deep and gurgling as his lungs
         have begun to fill with blood.


   165   CONTINUED:

                     I had a look while you were asleep
                     (Pause !) I think that I am going to
                     have to have two root canals done...

         He raises his hand, the drill whirring into terrifying life!!!

         CARTER has to think fast...She smiles as best she can and opens her
         legs as much as the straps will allow...

                     Don't you want me now LESLIE

                     No - I'll have you after

         STECKLER steps forward - CARTER violently writhing and trying to get
         free - she manages another finger...

         STECKLER produces another strap which he uses to hold down her head...
         STECKLER leans forward, bringing the drill up close...

                     Open wide...

         But CARTER won't open her mouth. STECKLER doesn't bother, he rams the
         drill into her lips... CARTER screams out in pain as STECKLER inserts
         the drill into her mouth. Blood spurts as she violently battles to get

         STECKLER withdraws... He begins to change the drill bit - to a
         miniature rotary saw blade...

                     This one is used for cutting through
                     tooth and bone...

         He turns, the blade whirring. CARTER manages to get her arm free and
         punches STECKLER in the bullet wound. He screams out, recoiling and
         dropping his whirring drill. It lands on CARTER and dances around like
         a man snake... CARTER grabs it and cuts her other arm free - then her

         But STECKLER is soon back, grabbing her around the throat - CARTER
         topples him over and he lands on the chair - the whirring drill between

         CARTER is stronger and the tip of the blade begins to cut into
         STECKLER'S nose, a fine spray of crimson spattering STECKLER'S face.


   165   CONTINUED (2):

         STECKLER manages an enormous push, throwing CARTER to the floor, dazing

         He turns round and reaches behind the chair. He produces a large axe,
         brandishing it maniacally -

                     I always wanted to do it this way...

         He raises the AXE high above CARTER. The house begins to rumble as a
         jet climbs overhead. For a moment, STECKLER is distracted.

         CARTER spots the spade which STECKLER had buried his victims in the
         garden with. She leaps for it, grabbing it and swinging it.

         STECKLER'S eyes widen...

         The spade impacts with STECKLER'S head - his head separates from his
         body, spinning through infinity...

   166   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - CARTER has bandaged herself up and fashioned a
         makeshift splint for her leg.

         She is bricking up the hole in her LIVING ROOM wall - STECKLER'S corpse
         is dumped unceremoniously in it...

         She pushes the last brick into place...

         The doorbell rings...

   167   INT/EXT DAY HALLWAY - CARTER opens the front door after covering
         herself and her leg with a bathrobe.

         Her eyes widen - It is MIK dressed in black with dark glasses - She
         holds out a bunch of flowers...

                     These are for LESLIE...

         CARTER seems a little faint...

   168   INT DAY LIVING ROOM - CARTER is lowered into a chair by MIK - CARTER
         holds her head, she feels dizzy...


   168   CONTINUED:

                     What happened?

                     I had an accident - I fell down

                     Is LESLIE here?

                     No he had to - he's just - he's out...

                     He saved my life you know - has he told

         CARTER wants to say WHAT!?, but she's just too tired...

                     I cut myself with our electric knife -
                     and if LESLIE hadn't been there, I would
                     have probably bled to death - he stopped
                     the bleeding and got me to the hospital
                     - the doctor said ten minutes later and
                     I would have been a stiff

         CARTER begins to look more distant - her eyes wandering over to the
         bricked up wall...

                     I'd appreciate it if he got the flowers
                     - you know - to make matters worse, some
                     bastard broke into our flat the other
                     day - the police came round to
                     fingerprint it - they said if they're on
                     record - they'll catch them...

         MIK continues talking about her inane life - CARTERs eyes, glazed,
         wander over to the window - MIK's voice tails off to a non existent

   169   INT DAY 66 ACACIA AVENUE - Slowly we move backwards - CARTER sits
         looking out of the window...

         We track back, through her back garden. It is very pretty, very normal.
         A small dog hurriedly digs at something in the rose patch...A hand and
         a foot can be seen - and the puffed up, half rotted face of the STREET
         GIRL who STECKLER brought back...

   169   CONTINUED:

         DISSOLVE to FRONT STREET - We continue backward - A figure walks up the
         path - INSPECTOR TAYLOR - We continue...

                                  VOICE OF NEWSREADER
                     POLICE have announced that a woman, as
                     yet unidentified, is helping them with
                     their inquiries into the WHITE ANGEL
                     killings - The woman was apprehended
                     after her finger print was discovered on
                     a hammer, which belonged to her - the
                     same hammer that was used to beat JANE
                     MACDONALD to death last month. A brief
                     search of the area produced more
                     mutilated bodies, in the garden and
                     bricked up in the walls of the house...
                     The news has been met with....(Long
                     report which tails off)

         We continue into the street... Back... back... Until the screen is
         filled with houses just like CARTERS - thousands of cold, silent

                                  Roll Credits

                                  THE END